Brother wooden door will show a perfect soul only

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Quality is the root. Brother wooden door has very strict requirements for wood selection. Because of our almost harsh material selection, we can present a more perfect wooden door effect


raw wood doors have high requirements for material selection.

brother wood doors have always insisted on selecting the strictest wood. Brother's products have clear, natural and beautiful wood texture, and there is no place like insect eyes and scabs at all. Brother's material quality and texture effect are absolutely first-class

brother wooden door is a global selection of materials. Brother's Wooden skins are all from the best origin in the world. On the one hand, they have the pure texture and texture of solid wood, on the other hand, they will be more stable


women's manual fine carving

design is the soul, and the carvings on the wooden door are called the most important element and soul reflecting the grade and art of the solid wood door by the industry and designers

brother uses female workers to carve and sand. Because women are naturally delicate, they are more careful and meticulous in detail processing, so brother's carved lines are smoother and the picture is more vivid. They are naturally integrated with the door, highlighting the decoration grade of your family. Brother's wooden door is a work of art worthy of collection


high standard 135 processes

brother wooden door from raw materials to finished products, the whole process is at least 40 days, and the whole process is monitored to ensure the stability of process and quality

brother can guarantee that every brother wooden door will not only have good effect, but also have good quality when it comes to your home. Believe brother, choose brother




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