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Interior decoration acceptance is an important step after the decoration of the new house. Generally speaking, we should accept all aspects, but in a relatively short time, we can't do everything, so we only have to check the most important aspects. Next, the editor will introduce the acceptance standards of interior decoration

interior decoration acceptance is an important step after the new house is decorated. Generally speaking, we should accept all aspects, but in a relatively short time, we can't do everything, so we only have to check the most important aspects. Next, the editor will introduce the acceptance standards of interior decoration

indoor decoration acceptance standard

1. Water and electricity acceptance

when accepting the water supply and drainage pipeline, we should check the quality of the pipeline, whether the valve is installed correctly, whether the switch is flexible, and remember to connect water for pressure test to see if there is water leakage and seepage. In terms of electricity, we should check whether all kinds of switches and sockets are installed correctly and whether there are cracks during acceptance, and then go through the power on test to see whether some switches and sockets are useless. In addition, the strong and weak current system should also be fully functional

2. Floor acceptance

the floor is generally wooden, so during the acceptance, we should see whether the floor is firmly installed, whether it is loose, and whether the floor is polished and scratched. If it is a parquet floor, the joints of the floor should be aligned, the width should be consistent, and there should be no glue overflow. The baseboard should also be closely connected with the floor and close to the wall

3. Panel acceptance

during the acceptance of the panel, we should pay attention to that the material, color and paving should meet our requirements, the surface should be smooth and flat, and the pattern should be clear. Of course, there should be no warping, blistering, sticking and slurry marks. At the same time, the joint of the panel shall be tight, and the difference shall not exceed 0.5mm

4. Ceiling acceptance

for ceiling acceptance, we need to check whether the variety, specification, tone and structure of materials are consistent with our requirements and whether they meet the specifications. During the acceptance, pay attention to whether the cover plate is closely connected with the keel, and there should be no pollution, fracture or any defect

5. Floral acceptance

floral acceptance must be carried out after the project is completed and completely dried. First of all, we should check the variety, specification and pattern of flower decorations. For the sake of safety, we must see whether the decorations are firmly installed, and any deviation should be within the allowable range. At the same time, during the acceptance, we should also pay attention to the surface appearance of the decorations

6. Papering acceptance

when accepting papering, we should pay attention to the fact that the wallpaper and the wall must be firmly pasted with the same color, and there must be no bubbles, hollows and cracks, as well as missing pasting, subsidies and delamination

precautions for interior decoration acceptance

1. The wall surface should be flat

the flatness of the wall surface directly affects the overall beauty, so the first thing in the acceptance is to confirm whether the wall surface is flat and whether there are signs of cracking, which each owner can directly observe with the naked eye and timely raise the problem

2. On site cleaning

after the decoration is completed, it is not necessary to be as spotless as the usual home owner, but at least the ground, countertop and windowsill should be clean and tidy, and there is no excess decoration waste

3. Environmental protection of furniture

general furniture is the most likely to cause the formaldehyde in the house to exceed the standard. During the acceptance, you should smell whether the furniture has a pungent smell, and try to choose good wood for decoration

4. Water and electricity inspection should be careful

water and electricity inspection is the most important item of acceptance. The owner can ask the decoration company to conduct pressure test, and the owner had better participate in it personally to see whether there is water leakage. At the same time, you can pour a basin of water in the bathroom to see if there is ponding

electricity is also an important project. The owner asks the professional electrician of the decoration company to check the electricity. When the owner accepts, he can turn on the light to see whether the power supply is normal. If any problem is found, he can repair it in time

5. Environmental protection monitoring is best done

ventilation should be done in time after the decoration acceptance. In winter, it is best to do environmental protection monitoring between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. if there is still pungent smell after 5 days. It should be emphasized that the best furniture should not be moved in soon, so as to avoid responsibility wrangling caused by unqualified air quality

editor's summary: that's all for the acceptance standard of interior decoration. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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