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The annual door lock industry event is about to open. It is reported that hotels large and small in the city are full now, and door lock people from all over the country have gathered for these three days

the editor learned that the 10th door Expo,

Wang Li's firepower is fully open and re assembled for exhibition,

there are three explosive points that should not be missed,

let's see the report sent by the front line for you

pop point 1: have you seen the smart door lock without face brushing, fingerprints, passwords and voice

when you go home to open the door, do you still have to stand in front of the door and brush your face and press your fingerprints

the real smart door lock should be arbitrary

want to know what is the most "freewheeling" smart door lock

you must go to the Wang Li museum to experience it on site

explosive point 2: kill 99.99% of the market. The four sealed doors of "fake and silent wooden doors" let you open your eyes

as we all know, most wooden doors in the market are sealed on three sides,

the gap under the door often makes smoke, dust and insects "enter the house"

have you ever seen a door sealed on all sides

as thin as a piece of A4 paper, you may not be able to pull it out

pop point 3: chaokuhei technology residence and the housekeeper who can dance are waiting for you to explore

have you ever tried to open the door to a guest without getting up

have you ever tried to make the whole house move in one sentence

have you ever seen a group of cute robots dancing together

Wang lifeI's non open experience hall is limited to 350 people per day

from May 26 to 28 │ door Expo c2t08 │ Wang Li's non open exhibition hall

at 13:00 p.m. on May 27, the Jiangnan Hall of Ziwei Garden Hotel

Wang Li recreates 500 millionaires and billionaires

Where is the way to sell doors and locks

uncover secrets on site





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