On the inevitability of replacing paint with water

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It is believed that the major paint brands with loud advertisements in the market overturn their starting industry of oil paint, so as to greatly promote and produce water-based paint. Lift a stone and throw it at your feet, and overturn your paint industry without hesitation

with the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and people's pursuit of green and healthy life, the paint industry is bound to embark on the road of environmental protection, pollution-free, green and healthy. Therefore, it is inevitable that the pollution-free water-based paint will replace the previous paint with high pollution and high cancer rate. Papi sauce, what do you say

the reason why water-based paint will replace paint is that water-based paint has too many advantages over paint

first, the water-based paint takes water as the diluent, does not contain organic solvents, nor benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, free TDI toxic heavy metals, has no pungent smell, is harmless to human body, and does not pollute the environment. The paint is mainly the main paint, daily chemical agent and thinner in the ratio of 2:1:2, half of which is to be volatile. The volatile enters the human body through the respiratory tract to produce anesthetic effect, reaching the internal organs and causing poisoning. In serious cases, it can cause anemia, leukemia, tuberculosis and even cancer. It can not be said that the rising incidence of cancer in recent years has nothing to do with the pollution of paint and home decoration. In addition, if pregnant women are exposed to paint volatiles, it will lead to fetal malformation, cleft lip and palate and other serious consequences. Combined with people's pursuit of environmental protection, health and green life in recent years, it is inevitable that water-based paint will replace paint

second, the water-based paint does not burn and explode, so it is easy to transport, while the paint has certain potential safety hazards in the process of transportation. Improper transportation will explode and cause fire, with serious consequences. There are too many explosions caused by transportation in China, so it is inevitable for water-based paint to replace paint in safe transportation

third, the water-based paint has fast drying property (take the infinite flower water-based paint, which is the first water-based paint in China, as an example). It can dry completely in 20 minutes at room temperature, which does not affect the construction and greatly improves the construction efficiency. Therefore, the advantage of water-based paint greatly saves the cost for construction. In terms of improving progress, it is also inevitable that water-based paint will replace paint

in addition, compared with paint, infinity water-based paint also has many advantages, such as not afraid of water, not afraid of scalding, not whitening, high hardness, good flexibility, high transparency, corrosion prevention, rust prevention and so on

if it were not for the inevitability that water-based paint would replace paint, it is believed that the major paint brands with loud advertisements in the current market would not overturn their starting industry oil-based paint, so as to greatly promote and produce water-based paint. These paint brands will undoubtedly see the many advantages of water-based paint and the prospect of leading the paint market in the future, so they will lift a stone to their feet and overthrow their own paint industry without hesitation. Therefore, from the transformation of various paint brands, we can also determine that water-based paint is bound to replace paint

water based paint has incomparable advantages in environmental protection, performance and many other aspects. Maybe we will worry about whether it is not perfect in beauty, process effect and performance. However, Shandong Penglai Luyuan paint industry Co., Ltd., which has been focusing on the research, development, promotion and production of water-based paint for 18 years in the domestic market, has integrated the processes of chiseling, sanding, coloring, surface grinding, paint mottled, mixed primer and topcoat into the water-based paint, and introduced it to the overseas market five years ago, which has been highly praised and affirmed. Therefore, from the perspective of craft aesthetics, water paint also excels paint, and replacing paint is also the trend of the times

to sum up, water-based paint has great advantages and market potential compared with paint in many aspects, such as environmental protection, health, transportation, performance, process aesthetics and so on. It can be seen that it is inevitable for water-based paint to replace paint, which is also the progress of technology and the upgrading of concept




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