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It is said that the smart lock has entered a relatively mature stage, and its appearance and function are relatively fixed. It is really difficult to innovate. But isn't there no place for innovation? Definitely not. Look at the mobile phone industry, fast...

it is said that smart locks have entered a relatively mature stage, and their appearance and functions are relatively fixed. It is really difficult to innovate. But isn't there no place for innovation? Definitely not. You see, the mobile phone industry has been developing rapidly for seven or eight years. They all say that innovation is difficult, but they still make many changes, such as comprehensive screen, water drop screen, multi camera head and so on. Not to mention the smart lock, which has only been popular for two or three years

mobile phone is the object of smart lock learning

optimization and innovation of system. Today's smart lock industry obviously lacks industrial benchmark products. If the smart lock industry can make an Apple phone style product, it will undoubtedly cause a major sensation. The reason why Apple mobile phone is popular is the fluency of its system, and there are many innovations. Nowadays, fingerprint locks should be developed in the direction of networking, but even the stand-alone version also faces a problem, that is, the system fluency is poor. There is also the current smart lock system is also more uniform. But isn't it impossible to innovate? Let's take an example: the previous factory reset of smart lock can only be operated by the reset key on the rear panel, but through system innovation, it can also be operated by the administrator on the front panel. Although this is a small innovation, it greatly facilitates consumers

visual monitoring is also a development direction

function innovation. Nowadays, the function is relatively fixed. The opening methods are fingerprint, password, key, IC card and mobile phone, of which fingerprint and password are the most commonly used methods, plus the anti riot alarm function. Is it possible to add other functions? In fact, when some security enterprises cut into smart locks, they added many security features, such as security product linkage, visual monitoring and so on. This adds a lot of impetus to the innovation of smart locks

excellent design is beloved

appearance innovation. Appearance innovation is relatively easy, but many manufacturers copy popular products and first-line products more. But isn't there really no way to innovate? The appearance innovation is nothing more than panel, display screen, fingerprint head and handle. According to the situation of the smart lock market, Huangdi took the lead in launching the smart lock with large color screen, which is an innovation. Of course, the author has also seen the panel made into the image of a cat, which is really eye-catching. Another example is the semi-automatic intelligent lock. Why can't it be made into the shape of rural old-fashioned water pressure wells? Every time I open the door, it's like pressing water out. How interesting

Huangdi intelligent lock q5l: innovation makes enterprises more dynamic

of course, all innovation is born for the needs of consumers. If you can't create demand, then comply with demand. If fake smart locks are allowed now, there will be many difficulties in the future, because countries and industries will increase the protection of patents. Smart lock manufacturers must have their own products and characteristics, so that they can stand firm

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