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Jining will build a national cultural publishing and printing base. On September 14, 2012, the commencement ceremony of Liangshan Hongjing printing project was grandly held in Liangshan economic development zone. After the project is completed and put into operation, it can print 800000 reams of paper a year, and will become a printing enterprise with high measurement accuracy in Southwest Shandong

it is understood that the Liangshan Hongjing printing project with a total investment of 300million yuan was built by Beijing Hongjing Technology Development Co., Ltd. and introduced by Xiaokou town. The project is constructed in two phases. The investment in the first phase is 200million yuan, and the current consumption is 230kg. The new publication printing production line, the new printing workshop and warehouse of 20000 square meters, the office and supporting rooms of 5000 square meters, and the purchase of 80 sets of printing equipment are expected to be completed in 2012. The second phase will invest 100million yuan in the new packaging, decoration and printing project, and purchase 20 sets of printing equipment

Liangshan publishing and printing industry is an industrial cluster that Liangshan county has actively guided, standardized, expanded and carefully cultivated. This industrial cluster focuses on publishing and distribution. There are 27 private book companies, including 2 companies with national general distribution qualification and 13 companies with national book wholesale qualification. It has published and distributed more than 60 brand series and more than 4000 varieties. Its products are distributed in all regions except Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Shanghai. In 2011, it sold 6.2 billion yuan of code ocean and employed 16000 people

in recent years, in order to build a broad platform for the development of private book industry, Liangshan county has planned to build a publishing and printing book industry park with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan in Liangshan economic development zone. Liangshan publishing and printing industry park has realized six supplies and one leveling. The park implements intensive operation, cluster development and one mouth management, creating a good development environment for the enterprises in the park. At present, 11 book companies such as jinbangyuan culture media have been put into operation. This year, three publishing and printing projects such as Hongjing culture media have signed contracts to enter the park. In 2011, it was named as the provincial key cultural industry park

it is understood that the publishing and printing book industry park, in accordance with the six character policy of improvement, extension and expansion, has improved the scale and grade of the park, improved the overall level of the cultural publishing and printing industry by means of strong alliance, reorganization and merger, shareholding system and so on, and strived to cultivate three national publishing and printing enterprise groups with outstanding main business and strong core competitiveness within three years. When the same metal has the ability to absorb deformation energy before fracture, it will extend the industrial chain and expand the development field. It will not only focus on the research and development in the fields of teaching aids, adult education and vocational education, but also on the research and development in the fields of electronic publications and network distribution; Focus not only on the continuous development of new product editions, printing and distribution, but also on the link and development of upstream and downstream related industries, and strive to form a complete industrial chain integrating R & D, publishing, distribution, plate making, printing, binding, consumables, warehousing, logistics and decoration within five years; Expand the industrial scale, strive to reach 10 billion yuan in sales within three years, achieve 500million yuan in profits and taxes, and drive 25000 jobs, so as to build Liangshan publishing and printing industry park into a national cultural publishing industry base

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