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On April 12, jd.com officially launched the version of jd.com and plans to implant SNS functions. According to the news on April 12, jd.com officially launched the version of jd.com today. According to relevant sources of jd.com, mobile devices such as 2G, 3G, mid and even Apple iPad just launched can access the version of jd.com, and jd.com also plans to implant SNS functions into the version

accelerate the industrialization and scope of key varieties. It is found that the operation of this page is the same as that of the PC version by using the landing version of Tencent technology Jingdong Mall. Users can search the price, commodity parameters, inventory and other information of target commodities through the search function. At the same time, jd.com also provides users with a special favorite function to record the products that users "like" in the "folder" one by one. In addition, JD users can also query the real-time status of orders such as distribution, delivery and distribution anytime and anywhere through the mobile version

Xulei, vice president of Jingdong Shangshang mall, said that the 3C products of Jingdong Shangshang mall were 2. 5% higher than those of traditional stores After the product equipment is in place, it has a great price advantage. However, in the past, users had to have computers connected to the network to compare the prices of traditional stores with those of jd.com. Now, jd.com shopping mall is combined with mobile terminals, and users can query prices anytime, anywhere, without being restricted by computers

Xu Lei also revealed that the current version of jd.com shopping mall is only a preliminary version, and the functions of placing orders and consulting will be launched in succession. In addition, JD will also consider embedding the SNS function Solvay special polymer division under the Belgian Solvay group into the version by taking advantage of the opportunity brought by the increasing popularity of peek. Tencent Technology

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