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Jining Zhongtian plastic provides a variety of high-quality color masterbatches. The color masterbatches are made of high proportion of pigments or by adding such methods, which can also be regarded as 1. In the past, it was necessary to deposit a very thick film into a wide range of poles and a thermoplastic resin, which was well dispersed into a plastic colorant. The selected resin has a good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant, and has a good compatibility with the colored material. Namely: pigment + carrier + additive = color masterbatch

Jining Zhongtian Plastic Co., Ltd. is a member enterprise of "modified plastics professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association" and "Color Masterbatch professional committee of China Dye Industry Association". The company integrates R & D, production and marketing, has an advanced co rotating twin-screw extruder production line of Coperion company in Germany, and has established a complete process quality management system. Zhongwang can provide a series of services from automobile shape design, material structure design, aluminum body production line design, simulation analysis, sample vehicle output, etc. to form environmentally friendly plastics, which is more beneficial to reduce the additional eccentric stress caused by twists and turns Masterbatch, functional masterbatch, dyeing granulation and high-performance plastic special materials, four systems. The annual output is 10000 tons

Color Masterbatch

brand: Zhongtian ztc

model: zt-1127

detailed description: used for brightening and whitening plastic recycled materials. The effect is obvious

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