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Jining indoor environment testing center recently started operation

Jining indoor environment testing center recently started operation


many residents have doubts about the indoor environment after the decoration of their houses, and worry that the paint, paint and other materials used for decoration are harmful to their health. Since November 12, the start-up and operation of Jining indoor environment testing center can provide "physical examination" for indoor environment testing, so that residents can live at ease and safely

researcher Ma from Jining indoor environmental testing center, who has been engaged in indoor environmental pollution research for a long time, introduced to China paint that with the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, residents' demand for housing has changed from survival to comfort, which can be divided into three categories: electro-hydraulic servo control material testing machine, electro-hydraulic proportional control material testing machine, and electronic type. Health has become the first element of people's home, Indoor environment has also become a common concern of the community. In accordance with the requirements of the code for the control of indoor environmental pollution in civil construction projects to promote the two-way transformation of military and civil new material technology and the two-way enhancement of pollution control formulated by the Ministry of construction, Jining City has established an indoor environmental testing center to forcibly detect the indoor environmental pollution in new, expanded and reconstructed civil construction projects. In the future, after the completion of all civil construction projects within the jurisdiction of Jining City, the construction unit must organize the acceptance of the indoor environment. If the indoor environment fails to pass the test according to the specifications, the cause shall be found in time, and the current measures shall be taken to deal with it, and the completion acceptance filing procedures can be handled until the standard requirements are met

Jining indoor environment testing center has been equipped with gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer and other equipment, which can test five indicators, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, total volatile chemicals in the air that will volatilize benzene, formaldehyde, 2 toluene and other toxic and harmful chemicals, radon and so on

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