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at 14:00 on September 25, a propaganda meeting themed with celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China in a glorious new era was held in Hubei Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd., which is a stress concentration company that comprehensively utilizes high impact velocity and notch test bars. At the scene, as long as we are a dedicated person, the Jingchu model group will represent Zhang Yaya to introduce their advanced deeds of integrating the spirit of struggle into their posts, daily life and life from different angles and sides, with simple language, vivid examples and sincere feelings, so as to comprehensively show the Jingchu model group's family and country feelings of loving the motherland and dedicating to the people The spirit of striving to forge ahead, and the moral pursuit of respect for people, morality and goodness

Gu Shanqiang, who chased lightning, introduced to the audience his mental journey of dealing with lightning for 12 years. In 2007, after graduating from Tsinghua University with a doctor's degree, he entered the postdoctoral workstation of the National Electric Power Research Institute. After leaving the station, he chose to stay in the front line of lightning protection research, and began to explore the way of catching and chasing lightning protection. Half of the transmission trips every year are caused by lightning, which seriously threatens the safety and stability of power operation. Therefore, it is of great significance to study lightning, find its law and protect it. Speaking of his work, Gu Shanqiang always expressed a sense of pride in his words. Over the past 10 years, Gu Shanqiang has led the scientific and technological research team to undertake the matters needing attention in the experiment of changing the experimental machine, completed a number of national, provincial and ministerial important projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation and the 863 program, and achieved fruitful results

I can't refuse disabled people. If I refuse them, they will have no way to live. The story of Caidian hairdresser songzhongqiao moved the audience. When an experienced young man tied things with plastic ropes, songzhongqiao could no longer grow up like a healthy child. He made dozens of times more efforts than ordinary people. He grew from a lonely and nameless barber to a famous craftsman in Chutian. He also represented China in the Seoul World hairdressing competition, South Korea. He competed with nearly 10000 barbers around the world and won the seventh place. Since 2001, songzhongqiao has started to provide free hairdressing services for the disabled and the elderly over 65 years old, and has set up an elite hairdressing volunteer service team to go into families with severe disabilities, welfare homes and flood fighting frontlines. In total, songzhongqiao has served more than 10000 people free of charge and donated nearly 40000 yuan to the society. Songzhongqiao also trained 102 disabled hairdressers for free to help disabled friends find jobs and start a new chapter in their lives

at the publicity meeting, Zhang yayou, the representative of Zhang Fuqing's advanced deeds publicity delegation, explained how he excavated, verified and reported the moving deeds of old comrade Zhang Fuqing from three aspects: Interview background, photo materials and deeds introduction from a human perspective, truly reproducing the glorious and admirable life of old man Zhang Fuqing. Through Zhang Yaya's affectionate narration, Zhang Fuqing's old man has a patriotic feeling of being great to himself and serving the country sincerely, and his noble sentiments of being indifferent to fame and wealth and being willing to contribute. As long as the motherland needs, I will spare no effort to die, and the solemn vows such as eating some bitterness will shock the participants. Everyone said that this lecture was a special party lesson that was touching and inspiring, which baptized everyone's soul and sublimated their soul

pursue diligently and creatively. Maopu purple buckwheat wine pays tribute to Jing chukai

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