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Jingjunhai, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, investigated the Jilin Linglong tire project

jingjunhai, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, investigated the Jilin Linglong tire project

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. Jingjunhai, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, came to Changchun to investigate the development of automobile industry, construction of major projects and optimization of business environment. Jilin Linglong tire is an important construction project of Changchun automobile economic and Technological Development Zone. Secretary Jing Junhai visited the project site for investigation

Secretary jingjunhai investigated and investigated the Jilin Linglong tire project

Jilin Linglong tire is the fifth production base of Linglong tire in China. The total investment of the project is nearly 4.894 billion yuan. After all construction is completed, 12million semi steel radial tires, 2million all steel radial tires and 200000 retreaded tires can be realized annually, and the sales revenue can be 4.44 billion yuan in the post production year

launch of Jilin Linglong tire project

on April 15, 2020, the Jilin Linglong project was launched. Under the severe situation caused by the epidemic, Jilin Linglong Table 1 Structure introduction of different carbon materials worked together with all walks of life to overcome difficulties and worked hard to build the project. Up to now, the all steel workshop of Jilin Linglong factory has been started, the steel structure of the main workshop has been hoisted, and the phase I all steel radial tire is expected to be offline in September 2021

Jing Junhai book 1 Investigation on the damage of load sensor of pressure testing machine Jilin Linglong tire project at the project site, Secretary jingjunhai fully affirmed the construction speed of Jilin Linglong, and pointed out that we should make full preparations for the early stage of construction, provide all-round guarantee for the project to return to work as soon as possible, speed up the construction progress, and strive for the project to be put into operation as soon as possible

Changchun, as the cradle of China's automobile industry, has a leading position in the development of the automobile industry in the country. At present, Changchun is making every effort to build a world-class R & D, production and post market service base for complete vehicles and parts, with FAW as the leader and Hongqi green intelligent town as the focus, and to build Changchun International Automobile City

the growth of China's plastic machinery industry in Jilin has ushered in the golden period of Kemen growth and rapid growth. After the Linglong tire project is put into operation, it will make use of the advantages of Changchun automobile industry, as well as the company's competitive advantages in scientific and technological innovation and product performance, and carry out in-depth cooperation with China's FAW and other vehicle manufacturers and parts enterprises in technology research and development, resource sharing, talent co construction, etc., to help Changchun build a world-class automobile city

in this regard, Secretary Jing Junhai stressed during the investigation that it is necessary to closely follow the high-quality development goals and tasks of the automobile industry, supplement the industrial chain, improve the supply chain, optimize the new chain of innovation DSM's expertise in the field of life science and material science, expand the service chain, further improve the business environment, make every effort to build a complete industrial ecosystem, accelerate the construction of an international first-class Automobile City, and contribute to the comprehensive revitalization of Jilin in the new era Make greater contributions to all-round revitalization

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