Historical development characteristics of the hott

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Historical development characteristics of magnetic pump

historical development characteristics of magnetic pump:

the application field is widened and the technical performance is improved. 1. Magnetic drive is the most effective and safest solution in the sealing field. Permanent magnetic drive, that is, permanent magnetic coupling, is the safest solution for machines that need to be sealed, harmful, toxic, polluting, dangerous, pure and valuable products and production processes. Its application range is very wide. Most liquids in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, film, electroplating, nuclear power and other industries are corrosive, flammable, explosive, toxic and valuable. Leakage will bring waste of working fluid and environmental pollution; Vacuum and semiconductor industries should prevent the invasion of external gases; diet and medicine should ensure the purity and sanitation of the medium. Permanent magnet drive technology has found its place in these fields. Howard Machinery Development Co., Ltd. (HMD) has been committed to the manufacture of sealless magnetic pumps since 1946. So far, nearly 70000 sets have been sold in 37 countries around the world, with annual sales of 28 million pounds. A pharmaceutical factory in the United States has hundreds of centrifugal magnetic pumps equipped with mechanical seals to deal with various acids. Due to design problems, these magnetic pumps often run dry and can be damaged by themselves after only 2-3 months of use. Instead, a calibrated k151 produced by nsimag company with a load of 50kN. The point higher than the freezing point of 2.5c is called active point or pour point 6 series magnetic drive pump, Since it was put into operation in 1993 (4.83 operation per day. Leakage of conductor joints or damage of theater lifting constitute access hours with the body, 365 days per year), it has been in operation since 1998. Container plate plants in the Midwest of the United States, Materials produced by extrusion or injection molding include (the causticity of profiles and plates is a great problem for the sealing of rotary vane pumps. The engineers here say that these pumps are maintenance days in the dark. The ETFE lined sealless magnetic pump of ansimag company is installed, and it has been running for 11 months without shutdown. A large chemical plant in the United States is facing serious difficulties in transporting methanol. Because methanol is flammable, it is close to boiling at 60 ℃, the flow is only 7m3/h, and the pressure difference is as high as 250m. The solution to the problem depends on dickow magnetic drive multi-stage end suction The magnetic pump, with a flow rate of 15m3/h and a pressure difference of 400m, ensures zero leakage of methanol, ensures the safety of operators and factories, and solves the problem of conveying methanol containing bubbles. 2 magnetic pumps are developing towards miniaturization and large-scale in terms of technical performance. In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, complete sets of equipment in petrochemical companies are developing towards large-scale development. China must have a number of oil refineries with an annual output of 10 million tons and ethylene plants with an annual output of 1 million tons. Mechanical equipment should meet the requirements of heavy load, long cycle, low energy consumption and environmental protection. China has found that the material and process requirements for manufacturing magnetic pumps are very high in imitating foreign products. Even if the medium and small power magnetic pump is 11~13kw, its reliability and manufacturing cost cannot be accepted by users. For the high-power magnetic pump with strong corrosion resistance, high pressure and high temperature, it is still blank. At present, the development limit of the magnetic pump should be described by the products of HMD company: the flow rate is from 1m3/h to 681m3/h, the pressure difference is from 10m to 500m, the temperature range is from -100 ℃ to 450 ℃, the system pressure is from vacuum to 400bar, and the prime mover power is 350kW. Micro magnetic pump is specially developed for some departments, such as cooling of lasers, feeding of analytical instruments, supplement of chemical agents, bioengineering, cooling cycle, and even nozzles of printers. Gear oil pump and motor are integrated and closed, suitable for 24V and 36V DC power supply, and the speed is controlled manually and automatically. The minimum flow rate is 10ml/min and the pressure difference is 7bar. The flow range of MD series micro magnetic transmission gear oil pump used by iwaki company in Japan for electroplating and cooling cycle is 7.5~288l/min, and the transmission power is 1/25~1/3 HP. 3 various types of centrifugal pumps can be transformed into magnetic pumps. Centrifugal pumps are the leading products of magnetic pumps. Although magnetic drive rotary displacement magnetic pumps have a history of 25 years, they have only a broad foundation in the design and manufacturing level and large torque capacity in recent 78 years. The focus is on the magnetic drive gear oil pump and screw pump, with a maximum transmission capacity of 400nm and a power of 150KW at a speed of 3500r/min. Located in the Utah gas power plant on the border of the United States, the lubricating pump of the turbine compressor is a regular rail external gear oil pump. The gear oil pump was scrapped due to excessive wear every two months due to high pressure difference, resulting in the shutdown of the compressor. After switching to magnetic drive three screw pump in 1992, it has been running continuously without any maintenance. TUTHILL in the UK has successfully applied its magnetic drive gear oil pump as an additive in the process water system of Scottish company. The magnetic pump replaces the screw pump and complies with the health and safety regulations. 4 magnetic drive compressor the inner bearing of magnetic drive is located in the sealed space, which is lubricated and cooled with sealed medium. In view of the material manufacturing level in China, magnetic drive has not been applied in gas transmission machinery. The overpressure fan produced by Nova magnetic Co., Ltd. in Canada has a small leakage rate of 1cm3/h and a bearing life of more than 10000h under the helium pressure of 170bar. Another series of pressurized fans have a free discharge flow of 750m3/h and a system pressure difference of 35MPa at a flow of 400m3/h, realizing zero leakage. In addition, the special performance of magnetic drive is also applied to equipment such as agitators and valves without leakage. The application in the refrigerator has not received relevant information. The author is exploring the application of magnetic drive in the refrigeration compressor, because the leakage of refrigerant, especially freon, will cause serious environmental problems

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