Titanium dioxide benefits from the cooperation bet

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Titanium dioxide benefits from the cooperation between the upstream and downstream industry chains of China's coatings

the original research and pilot study of the upstream and downstream production technology of China's coatings take the universities and scientific research institutes in the alliance as the main industry chain, and titanium dioxide benefits from the cooperation

February 26, 2013

[China coating information] China's coating industry has been seeking to maximize the benefits of marketing links. What we pay more attention to is the cooperation between the upstream and downstream industry chains of coatings. With the development of modern coating industry, the coating industry chain is gradually divided into raw material production, finished product production, marketing and other links. These links are usually completed by different manufacturers and distributors. There is a cooperative and restrictive relationship between raw material manufacturers and finished product manufacturers and distributors. Upstream and downstream industrial chain cooperation is usually called joint marketing or collaborative marketing, and the scope of application is also very wide. In addition to different industries, it also includes upstream and downstream enterprises in the same industry, manufacturing and service industries, and so on

at the same time, under the call of the national policy of stimulating domestic demand, the domestic market is also an emerging market for outward oriented enterprises. However, with the upgrading of China's coating industry, the domestic market also puts forward new requirements for new raw materials and new products. Moreover, it is relatively difficult to develop the domestic market. Only by developing new raw materials and new products can we create and develop new markets. In the past two years, some large coating enterprises have also been working hard to develop new products to meet the new needs of customers. Moreover, they have been working hard to develop new products, and once the time is ripe, they will quickly be introduced to the market, showing their strong competitiveness and research and development ability, and also reflecting the sustainable development ability of a company. Guiding the technological upgrading of enterprises is the task of professional capacity development with industry background. The provincial governments and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council are responsible for the major mission of the conference. The development and issuance of original new products and new raw materials is the source of power to expand the market. If the enterprise still stays on the small-scale transformation of the original technology, it cannot escape the fate of market shrinkage and product downshift. In this regard, coating finished product enterprises should strengthen cooperation with raw material suppliers

for example, PPG, one of the world's largest paint manufacturers, cooperated with Henan Bailian titanium dioxide manufacturer. Bailian benefited from the sale of titanium dioxide and obtained PPG chlorination production technology; In 2009, Bayer and Zhonghua paint signed a brand alliance agreement. Due to the particularity of fixture structure, for a kind of fixture, sometimes it is difficult for us to be sure which kind of fixture is more suitable. Bayer's curing agent will be used in the wood coating products it produces. For coating finished product enterprises, such cooperation can promote enterprise resource sharing and make coating brands make higher quality commitments to consumers with the development of skills. For raw material suppliers, it is also an important means to expand the market and build reputation. For both sides, it can be said that mutual benefit and win-win results have been achieved

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