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On April 23, the State Council forwarded several opinions on the long-term mechanism for ensuring the stable supply of natural gas, striving to achieve a natural gas supply capacity of 420billion cubic meters in 2020, which is doubled from 167.6 billion cubic meters in 2013. Among them, the new demand for gas to meet the coal to gas project reached 112billion cubic meters. In order to ensure the supply of natural gas, we will promote the construction of coal to gas demonstration projects in an orderly manner. The rapid growth of natural gas demand will drive the development of unconventional oil and gas industries such as coal to gas and shale gas, and relevant equipment enterprises will first benefit from market expansion

it is worth noting that the first meeting of the new National Energy Commission on April 18 studied and discussed strategic issues and major projects related to energy development, emphasizing the importance of major projects and the active development of clean energy. Driven by the rapid rise in energy demand and the pressure of haze weather, adjusting the energy structure and vigorously developing conventional and unconventional wedge-shaped single space natural gas has become an important focus. In addition, as a supporting policy, several opinions on ensuring the supply of natural gas also put forward that it is necessary to support various market entities to participate in the investment and operation of gas storage facilities with the control system software, further straighten out the price relationship between natural gas and alternative energy, and speed up the implementation of the price adjustment plan for natural gas valve stations

judging from the current degree of industrialization of unconventional gas, coal to gas and shale gas have the fastest growth rate, and their contribution to the new demand for natural gas ranks first. According to relevant plans, the output of coal to natural gas will reach 18billion cubic meters in 2015 and close to 60billion cubic meters in 2020. In terms of shale gas, although the total national output was only 200million m3 in 2013, with the industrialization of Sinopec Fuling gas field and the construction of two national shale gas development demonstration zones of PetroChina, the national output will increase more than six times to 1.5 billion m3 in 2014, and may exceed the policy-making target of 6.5 billion M3 to 10 billion m3 in 2015

new coal gasification is an important direction for the clean utilization of coal, and is the key driver to ensure the safety of oil and gas supply and promote the adjustment of energy structure. With the gradual maturity of technology, new coal chemical projects such as coal to gas are expected to accelerate. Recently, the overall development plan of Anhui Huainan new coal chemical industry base was officially approved and implemented by the Anhui provincial government. Judging from the fact that the NDRC road strip has been obtained, the total capacity of the coal to gas project is close to 80billion m3, and the actual production is only 3billion m3. Driven by the policy, the construction of follow-up projects will be accelerated, and the potential investment scale will reach 100 billion. According to the prediction of the organization, the coal to gas project with an annual output of 2. The technical key points of relaxation testing machine is 4billion cubic meters. The investment amount is as high as billion yuan, and half of the cost is concentrated in the field of equipment. With the advancement of the project, coal chemical equipment enterprises will be the first to benefit from comprehensively improving the competitiveness of the new material industry

according to the 12th Five Year Plan for natural gas development, the output of coal to natural gas will reach billion cubic meters in 2015. Recently, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute said that domestic coal to gas projects are developing rapidly. At present, there is a high enthusiasm for launching coal to natural gas projects in various regions. It is estimated that the output of coal to natural gas will reach 60billion cubic meters in 2020, more than three times the output of 18billion cubic meters in 2015 in the 12th Five Year Plan

zhanghuaji is mainly engaged in pressure vessels in coal chemical industry and other fields. In 2013, the company signed 2.658 billion yuan of new orders and 3.43 billion yuan of orders on hand. With the completion and operation of Yili base for non-standard pressure vessels, it will be conducive to seize the new coal chemical market in Xinjiang and Northwest China. The clean coal gasification equipment produced by Keda electromechanical has received many project orders. At present, the clean coal gas business orders and framework agreements in hand are about 1.5 billion yuan, and will be delivered gradually in 2014. Donghua technology is mainly engaged in coal chemical engineering design and engineering general contracting, and recently welcomed the research of many institutions

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