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Natural light "moves into" underground garage technology innovation shares 100 billion "cake"

importing natural light into underground garage, as long as it is not dark, you can not consume kilowatt hour of electricity; With smart photovoltaic panels, it can also fill the light in the case of insufficient light. Where does this "black technology" come from? This photoconductive lighting system saved more than 100000 yuan of electricity for an underground parking lot last year. Its founder Peng Pinjia became a "Porter of natural light"

entrepreneurship spent a year researching the market

walking on the lower first floor of Huangni long Bauhinia Square, the rows of lights above the head were nothing different; Walking into the underground garage of Beibei Lifan Research Institute, the lights are shining and bright. However, it is surprising that these "electric lights" emit pure sunlight. As long as it is not dark, it can ensure that no kilowatt hour of electricity is consumed indoors. Where does this "black technology" come from

after many inquiries, we finally learned from Chongqing tus science park that these "fluorescent lamps" came from its park enterprise - Chongqing Mallo science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Peng Pinjia, its founder, has been dealing with the construction industry and has long paid attention to the light guide lighting system

she told that the photoconductive lighting system is a relatively mature technology abroad. Only a few projects are applied in China. "Why not do light guide lighting and become a porter of natural light?" She had the idea of starting a business. As the light guide lighting, a new technology of environmental protection lighting, came into people's vision in 2010, and then the relevant policies were issued, she left her post for seven years, founded the company, and spent a year researching the market

R & D of the first photoconductive lighting business in Chengdu and Chongqing

according to the data released by the Bureau of statistics, the annual power generation in 2012 was 4937.77 billion kwh. Based on the fact that China's lighting power consumption accounted for about 15% of the power generation, the lighting power consumption in 2012 was about 740.67 billion kwh. Based on 0.8 yuan/kWh, the lighting power market capacity in 2012 was about 592.53 billion yuan

"based on the fact that the photoconductive lighting technology can replace 30% of the lighting power consumption, it can save 177.76 billion yuan for lighting in 2012. That is to say, the market capacity of China's photoconductive lighting technology in 2012 was about 177.76 billion yuan." At that time, Peng Pinjia, who investigated the market, was extremely excited when she saw this series of figures. She was determined to get a piece of this huge "cake"

photoconductive lighting sounds simple, which uses physical principles to reflect sunlight, but it is not easy to achieve high reflectivity. Peng Pinjia worked with a team from colleges and universities to develop a light guide system with the functions of daylighting and magnifying light after many experiments. The light guide uses a special material, which makes the reflectivity of natural light reach 98%, meeting most indoor lighting requirements. At the same time, with LED lighting, the light guide lighting system can also be used at night

as the first photoconductive lighting solution provider in Chongqing, through continuous development, they now have an industrial chain integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Since they were put into the market in 2013, they have been successfully installed in many buildings

calculate accounts and save more than 100000 electricity bills a year

without electricity, it can also emit dazzling light, which can be daylighting or enlarged. The light can be divided into 10 levels according to their hardness and softness: what does such a photoconductive system look like? Go to the scene to experience

at the scene, it was noted that the light guide lighting system of Chongqing mallow technology can be divided into two parts, above and below the ground. The above ground is a lighting device (daylighting device), such as the size of floor tiles, which is flat on the square, covered by two layers of bulletproof glass, and can bear 300 kg. The lower part of the daylighting device is connected with the light transmission part (light pipe), which looks like extending from the ground. It is a cylinder, with a diameter of about half a meter, and the length can be determined according to the situation

the whole device extends from the ground to the bottom is the diffuser. Its surface is covered with dense luminous points, which looks like a "mushroom head" from a distance. The light emitted is softer than the fluorescent lamp. Standing below and looking up, it has the feeling of natural sunlight. Each set of photoconductive lighting system can cover about 20-50 square meters of space, so that the indoor lighting demand can be met even in cloudy days, which not only saves electricity, but also protects the environment

but how much electricity can such a device save? How much can we contribute to environmental protection? Peng Pinjia calculated an account. Taking a factory parking lot with 28 sets of equipment installed in the year of using the gear speed converter as an example, the data of the parking lot showed that a total of 82000 kwh of electricity was saved in the whole year. Based on the industrial power consumption of 1.5 yuan/kW, more than 120000 yuan was saved for the factory. At the same time, based on the elongation of 1 original gauge divided by the electricity of 10000 kwh of the original gauge, 1.22 tons of standard coal was used, 100000 tons of coal is less used in this plant. "It costs only a few thousand yuan to install a set of equipment. It can be used for 20 years without being damaged. It can be paid back in 3 years, and the rest 17 years are free."

promote technological innovation to "seize" the market

"the light guide lighting system is energy-saving, environmental friendly and cost-effective, but it is difficult to promote in previous years. Many customers have never heard of natural light lighting at all. In recent years, many places have begun to build 'green buildings', and the promotion of light guide lighting should be a little better." Peng Pinjia said that in 2017, the market capacity of photoconductive lighting technology was about 300billion yuan, but this market has only been developed by less than 1%, so we can only continue to strengthen the promotion and expand the larger market

to expand the market, on the one hand, we need to constantly promote this technology in the market, let more people know this technology, and let more buildings use this technology. On the other hand, technology also needs continuous upgrading and innovation to meet more diverse needs

it is learned that Chongqing mallow technology has developed a more intelligent photoconductive lighting system. This set of photoconductive lighting system with an intelligent control system can achieve automatic control and intelligent light filling. When solar panels absorb solar energy to charge photovoltaic, it can avoid photovoltaic overcharge and discharge. In addition, it can also carry out artificial intelligence led lighting through solar photovoltaic panels according to light conditions, in case of insufficient light, so as to truly achieve no power consumption

recently, their new generation of photoconductive lighting system has obtained a patent and is expected to be put into use in the second half of the year. Peng Pinjia said that he hoped that this generation of products could expand the market and let more people know about photoconductive lighting and the advantages of photoconductive lighting technology


market prospect large enterprises need to develop in depth

natural light has the advantages of inexhaustible, clean and pollution-free. According to statistics, the cost of eliminating air pollution caused by the use of conventional energy around the world is about 10% of the cost of fuel used

"in the long run, the prospect of natural light lighting is very large." Liao Xu, Secretary General of curvature creation workshop, told that at present, domestic enterprises on natural light lighting are not expected to complete this development by 2020. However, due to the fact that natural light lighting only uses simple physical reflection, the product homogenization is serious, and enterprises need to develop in depth. If the light guide lighting system is completely intelligent, so that it can be intelligently controlled and maintained, then everyone will have a higher acceptance of it. In addition, in terms of shape design, you can also customize the shape according to customer needs to improve selectivity, such as adding patterns to the appearance of light conduits

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