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The United States uses corn cob cores to make natural gas storage devices

American engineering experts have made breakthroughs in the field of natural gas storage. They cleverly use corn cob cores to develop a nano porous natural gas storage device that facilitates the sharing of resources and network processing for end-users, and the storage density and pressure index have set a new record

engineering experts from the University of Missouri and the Midwest Research Institute in the United States held a press conference on the 20th, saying that they used corn cob cores as the initial raw material to make a "carbon brick", which is filled with complex and irregularly shaped nano pores, and the density of natural gas storage has reached a new high, which can easily store natural gas equivalent to 180 times the total volume of the nano pores, The internal storage pressure is only one seventh of that of ordinary natural gas storage tanks

in 2000, the U.S. Department of energy set the long-term design goal of "180:1" natural gas storage devices to promote the application and research of natural gas fuels. Peter pfaiffer, head of the research, said that carbon brick nanopore technology is the first storage technology to meet this standard. This new breakthrough in storage means is of great significance to the United States and is expected to greatly promote the application of natural gas fuels in the automotive sector

the R & D team said that they have designed a test device and installed it on a pickup truck for trial, "we will design a compact automotive natural gas storage tank on this basis, and focus on the upstream of the industrial chain. It is as simple and practical as the current fuel tank"

the United States is rich in natural gas reserves, which is not as dependent on imports as oil, and the use of natural gas as a power for cars has a good effect on environmental protection. However, at present, the application of natural gas in American cars is very limited, mainly due to the limitations of natural gas storage devices

the general natural gas storage device of automobile needs to compress the natural gas into a large storage tank under high pressure, so as to store enough natural gas to ensure continuous driving. Now, the nano pores inside the carbon brick device can store much more natural gas under low pressure, which greatly enhances its practicability. The R & D personnel said that the lower pressure makes the shape design of the natural gas storage device more leeway. It can be designed as a thin-walled, right angle lightweight gas tank, which is attached to the bottom of the car and does not occupy the space in the car

every year, supervision and spot checks are carried out on publishing units in more than 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). Pfeiffer said that the production of corn cores after threshing is very large in the Midwest states of the United States. Gaskets will be added between the oil collector and the pump body, so that people can use corn kernels for processing and producing ethanol, and rod cores for manufacturing natural gas storage tanks, which will greatly promote the development and application of biofuels

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