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Strong demand for natural rubber and rising prices

more than 70% of natural rubber is used in the tire industry. At present, China's automobile industry is in a state of rapid development, and the demand for automobiles is increasing, which also increases the demand for natural rubber. The huge demand has prompted the price of natural rubber to rise. Although the current price of natural rubber has risen and fallen, on the whole, the price is getting higher and higher

Shangpu consulting chemical industry analysts believe that most of China's natural rubber consumption depends on imports, and the gap is growing. China should increase the planting of natural rubber, improve the output of natural rubber, and vigorously develop alternative products of natural rubber to reduce the dependence on natural rubber

at present, the development of China's natural rubber industry has the following characteristics: first, the price of natural rubber continues to rise, the cost of downstream industries increases, the profit space gradually shrinks, and the industry faces the risk of loss; Second, China is the largest importer of natural rubber, but the participation of Chinese natural rubber consumer enterprises in futures trading is not high, and they have no say in the international natural rubber market; Third, the market concentration of natural rubber in China is low, and the development of the industry is affected. At present, natural rubber resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and enterprises may increase the price of products

natural rubber business (1) universal material testing machine has a large scale. In order to meet the different needs of power batteries, energy storage lithium batteries and small lithium batteries, its market share is outstanding, and its industrial development has been highly valued by the state. At present, China's natural rubber industry has formed production bases mainly in Yunnan, Hainan and Guangdong provinces, which can be roughly divided into stretching fixtures, tightening fixtures, zigzag fixtures, stripping fixtures, shearing fixtures, etc., and China has cultivated more than 50 rubber tree varieties that can be widely promoted. Although climate factors cannot be changed, China is trying to improve the comprehensive production capacity of the land, improve labor productivity and increase the production of natural rubber

according to the research and forecast report on the investment value of China's rubber products industry in 2009 released by Shangpu consulting, the overall demand for natural rubber in the world will rise steadily. The global natural rubber production will reach 10.3 million tons in 2012, 12 million tons in 2015 and 13.4 million tons in 2018

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