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The LNG price in winter may not be as high as expected. Recently, PetroChina and Kazakhstan signed a five-year natural gas purchase and sale agreement to ensure the supply of domestic natural gas. According to the current market price, the average price in November fell by nearly 6% compared with the same period last year. Under the background of guaranteed supply this year, the LNG price in winter may not be as expected

recently, PetroChina International Co., Ltd. successfully signed a five-year natural gas purchase and sale agreement with Kazakhstan gas transmission company

it is reported that the signing of this agreement is a new agreement after the agreement expired on October 14. According to the agreement, since mid October, Kazakhstan's natural gas exports to China will reach more than 5billion cubic meters/year, and the specific gas supply volume will be negotiated annually. The five-year natural gas purchase and sale agreement between China and Kazakhstan stipulates that the gas source exported by Kazakhstan to China is the western gas field of Kazakhstan, and the natural gas is transmitted to the Kazakhstan section of the China Central Asia natural gas pipeline through the beineu bazoyi chimkent natural gas pipeline (Kazakhstan south line), and then to the Horgos port on the Sino Kazakhstan border

The signing of the agreement will, on the one hand, increase the supply of gas sources in Central Asia to improve quality stability and service life, help improve China's natural gas supply capacity this winter and next spring, and alleviate the tension between natural gas supply and demand. On the other hand, sufficient natural gas supply can also play a great role in the stable balance of natural gas market prices this winter

as a supplementary source of pipeline gas, LNG has a high degree of marketization, and the price fluctuates at any time with the supply and demand. From the current market LNG price, the national average LNG price in November was 4537.2/ton, down 5.89% from the same period last year, while in November last year, the price rose 56.6% year-on-year. It can be seen that at present, although the northern regions of the country have successively entered the heating period, the supply of natural gas is still relatively loose

in addition, many measures have been taken in response to the further expansion of the popularity of upstream supply and national policies. The field of tensile testing machines has been developed in China for several decades to block the supply of natural gas in winter. In 2018, according to zhuochuang information statistics, domestic natural gas production is expected to increase by nearly 9% year-on-year, LNG imports are expected to increase by more than 40% year-on-year, and the supply level is further improved; The gas storage capacity is greatly improved by continuous gas injection; The "south to North gas transmission" and the interconnection of pipeline infrastructure have greatly strengthened the level of natural gas resource supply in northern China in winter to avoid the fluctuation of plastic temperature and the fluctuation of extrusion pressure

to sum up, although the LNG market has maintained the trend of "not light in the off-season" since the first half of this year, and factories and traders also have great expectations for the price in winter, the LNG price in winter may not be as expected from the current price situation and the policies and supply guarantee measures adopted by the state

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