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Intelligent transportation: can we drive into the "highway"?

in recent years, with the increase of road mileage 8 and the continuous experiment, the increasingly serious congestion and pollution have become difficult problems. Driven by the tide of informatization, relying on IOT technology to build a real-time, accurate and efficient intelligent transportation system has become a quite perfect solution

according to relevant data, the so-called intelligent transportation is to effectively integrate advanced information technology, communication technology, control technology, sensing technology and system integration technology on a relatively perfect infrastructure and apply them to the ground transportation system, so as to establish a real-time, accurate and efficient transportation system that plays a role in a large range

according to the data, following the more than doubling of ten million large orders in 2011, China's intelligent transportation ten million large orders continued to grow by 49% in 2012, and the industry maintained a high boom. Among the A-share listed companies in the field of intelligent transportation, Yinjiang shares and brilliant technology are the key companies of concern

Yinjiang shares: one of the leaders of intelligent transportation

some securities analysts believe that the large-scale investment of the Chinese government in smart cities during the 12th Five Year Plan period will promote the whole industry to enter the channel of rapid growth. Among listed companies, smart city companies with sufficient cash flow resources and complete national layout are expected to share the cake of rapid growth of the industry

as one of the leaders of intelligent transportation, Yinjiang shares has attracted particular attention. In the first quarter of this year, the company increased orders by 446million yuan, an increase of 77% year-on-year. Among them, the new orders of intelligent transportation business were 216 million yuan, accounting for 48.43%

Gao Fei, a researcher at Shanxi securities, pointed out that Yinjiang shares has obvious advantages in smart transportation. In the context of new urbanization, the company, as one of the leading enterprises in the intelligent transportation industry, has increased government projects. While accumulating resources, its technological advantages are becoming more and more obvious, and its ability to obtain large orders is continuously enhanced. At the same time, with the popularization and promotion of car service, the company's business is expected to enter a new period of accelerated development

financial data show that Yinjiang shares achieved an operating income of 313 million yuan in the first quarter of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 31.69%. The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 19.7119 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 35.4%, and earnings per share was 0.08 yuan

it is worth noting that the company's operating revenue increased by 31.69% in the first quarter of this year, lower than the 43.11% growth rate in the same period last year. In this regard, Ma Yanji, an analyst at Minsheng securities, believes that since the first quarter is the off-season for the company's revenue recognition, it has little reference significance for the annual revenue situation. The slight decline in revenue growth in the first quarter may be due to factors such as the delay in order confirmation. It is expected that the annual revenue growth will remain above 40%, and the growth rate will be long in terms of cost performance

according to the field survey of Shanxi securities, the company's new orders are expected to continue to grow in the second quarter of this year. The rapid growth of orders will have a positive impact on the company's operating performance in 2013

compared with 2012, the proportion of large project orders of Yinjiang shares has further increased. Data show that the company has completed 14 ten million projects in the first quarter of this year, with a total project amount of about 280million yuan. The proportion of large project orders has increased to 63%, higher than 52% in 2012. Ma Yanji believes that this shows that the advantages of the company's large projects are further strengthened. The first quarter is the off-season of orders over the years, and it is expected to have a significant increase year-on-year

brilliant technology: railway signal centralized monitoring system

according to the data, the railway signal centralized monitoring system is the main product of brilliant technology. The system has been upgraded to the 2010 version after many upgrades, such as the 1997 version, 2000 version and 2006 version. The market share of the system is about 45%, and the revenue in 2012 accounted for nearly 50%

it is understood that the railway electricity work conference held in December 2012 requires all railway bureaus to strive to upgrade all the microcomputer monitoring of the six main lines to the 2010 version of centralized monitoring in 2013, and strive to complete other lines by 2015

According to Guoqi, an analyst at Dongxing securities, a total of 1100 stations need to be installed with a centralized signal monitoring system based on the national railway adding 22000 kilometers before 2015 and the station spacing of 20 kilometers. The price of the 2010 version is about 600000 yuan per station, so the market scale of the centralized Railway signal monitoring system will reach 650million yuan

Guo Qi pointed out that the company is the first manufacturer in the industry to pass the qualification certification of the 2010 version of railway signal centralized monitoring system, and is one of the drafting units of the product standard. Calculated by 45% market share, the revenue scale of the company's business will be close to 300million yuan

performance, The company's revenue in the first quarter of this year achieved this result "Another amazing microcomputer controlled special testing machine for steel wire rope is added for good materials such as graphene, which is mainly used for tensile and destructive tests of various steel wire ropes, bolts, anchor chains, riggings, shackles and other test pieces. The performance is 57 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 40%. The net profit has changed from a net loss of 4.88 million yuan in the same period in 2012 to a profit of 1.56 million yuan.

Guotai Junan pointed out that with the gradual acceleration of railway infrastructure investment, brilliant technology has made great achievements this year It is expected to rebound sharply. The signal microcomputer monitoring system has entered a climax of upgrading, and the company's new order target of no less than 500 million yuan this year is expected to be achieved

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