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Can green card and carbon trading bring new business opportunities to power selling companies

on January 18, 2017, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on the trial implementation of the renewable energy green power certificate issuance and voluntary subscription trading system (fgny [2017] No. 132). The document is called to guide the green consumption of the whole society, promote the consumption and utilization of clean energy, further improve the subsidy mechanism for wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and plan to pilot the issuance and voluntary subscription of renewable energy green power certificates nationwide

"green certificate" is the full name of green power certificate, also known as renewable energy certificate, renewable energy credit or green label. It is an electronic certificate with a unique identification code issued by the state to power generation enterprises for each megawatt hour of non-aqueous renewable energy. It is the confirmation and attribute certificate of non-aqueous renewable energy power generation and the only certificate of green power consumption. It is also a policy tool of renewable energy quota system

renewable portfolio standard RPS: refers to a system in which a country or region compulsorily stipulates the proportion of renewable energy power generation in the total power generation in the form of law, requires power companies to purchase it in full, and imposes corresponding punishment on those who cannot meet the quota requirements. There are two ways for enterprises to achieve quota goals: creating new projects and purchasing quotas

second, what is CCER

according to the Interim Measures for the administration of greenhouse gas voluntary emission reduction transactions, the amount of emission reduction involved in voluntary emission reduction needs to be registered and filed by the national competent department in the national voluntary emission reduction transaction register. The recorded amount of emission reduction is called "certified voluntary emission reduction of Rockwell hardness meter revision results (CCER)". After the emission reductions of voluntary emission reduction projects are filed, they should be registered in the national register and 5. Clearly focus on the slide specimen and trade in the filed trading institutions

III. what is CCER carbon trading

is to trade with carbon emissions as quotas, so as to achieve the role of energy conservation and emission reduction. As we all know, Europe, as a developed country, has reached a mature stage of energy conservation and emission reduction technology, and the carbon market has also matured one after another. As a developing country, China has also gradually entered the path of developed countries, so as to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

how to realize carbon trading and achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction

in the national plan, five cities and two provinces were identified as carbon trading pilot cities, with Shenzhen as the first pilot area to start the carbon market. Through the allocation of quotas by the Shenzhen government to the enterprises of Shenzhen sewage industry, the quotas are obtained as financial products to the Shenzhen exchange for trading

generally speaking, there is a publicly measured index for the emission volume of pollutant discharge enterprises. If it exceeds the standard, you have to go to the exchange to buy quotas, which has reached the expected goal

if the emission enterprises fail to meet the quota index allocated by the government (less than the emission value calculated by the public) according to different energy-saving transformation methods, they can buy and sell the quota on the exchange trading platform

IV. is there a relationship between green card and carbon market

under the current policy, there is no relationship between green card and carbon trading. It is expected to have a relationship in the future, but it will be a very complex system

many companies believe that I bought a green certificate to prove that my electricity comes from renewable energy, so the carbon emissions of this part of electricity should not be assessed, which sounds reasonable

but the reality is that many renewable energy projects, such as wind power, have been developed into CDM (clean energy mechanism) at the production end, and now it is CCER. This part of emission reduction has been taken away and sold by developers

these projects can also apply for green certificates. If the company that bought the green certificate still needs to calculate this part of emission reduction, it will cause double calculation

therefore, how to connect the green card and the carbon market in the future is a very challenging work

v. the relationship between green card and quota system

at present, the documents related to the quota system include the guiding opinions of the National Energy Administration on establishing a target guidance system for the development and utilization of renewable energy, which defines two subjects: provincial-level government power generation enterprises, each of which has indicators to complete the research on non hydropower renewable energy in the electricity consumption of the whole society, general new materials, new utilization, through the material research department volume proportion index and renewable energy power generation proportion target. Power generation enterprises are 9%, provincial governments are 5%-13%, and the assessment time is 2020

the provincial government also wants to achieve the goal through the enterprises in the province as the main body. Therefore, when the renewable energy power generation capacity of the enterprise itself is insufficient, it is necessary to buy the green certificate of other enterprises

therefore, green certificate is one of the carriers of the quota system, which covers a larger area than green certificate. At present, green certificate only has onshore wind power and photovoltaic

VI. the relationship between green card and current subsidy mechanism

the current subsidy mechanism can only support the subsidy scale of the whole renewable energy unless it can be paid at a fixed rate. Unfortunately, some government departments have always stressed that the surcharge cannot be increased, so they have also designed a separate green card to increase the source of support funds. At present, it is still voluntary, and they hope to make more contributions first if they can afford it

as the cost of wind power and photovoltaic power decreases, in the future, after a certain time node, new projects will no longer have subsidies, but only green certificates as additional income

when the renewable energy fund can achieve a surplus, the next step will be to support geothermal power generation, tidal power generation and other renewable energy projects that are updated and temporarily lack commercial competitiveness

VII. Can power selling companies participate in green card and carbon trading

on December 23, 2016, Hengyun Power Sales Company conducted its first carbon target transaction in Guangzhou carbon emission exchange, and purchased 3.69 million tons of carbon targets through one-time agreement transfer, with a carbon price of 12.8 yuan per ton, becoming the only power sales enterprise operating carbon emission rights in China

at present, Hengyun Power Sales Company has a carbon target of 4.3 million tons, and has a strong voice in the carbon emission market in Guangdong Province. At present, the carbon index price of Guangdong carbon market is at a low level nationwide. In the upcoming national unified carbon market, there is great potential for asset appreciation

the opportunity of power system reform provides an opportunity for the construction of a unified national carbon market and carbon trading system. Ma Li, director of the Institute of enterprise strategy of the national energy academy, pointed out that at present, the reform of the power system is advancing rapidly, and the construction of the green trading system should consider the connection with the process of power marketization, and determine a reasonable total amount control target to ensure a stable power supply

the power industry involves many trading varieties and is closely related to power trading. The feasibility of directly relying on the power trading platform to carry out other transactions is worth exploring. For example, for the carbon market, carrying out carbon emissions trading on a mature power trading platform has the advantages of broadening trading channels, promoting the mutual coordination of the two transactions, saving costs and so on

at present, the primary task of China's supply side reform is to reduce production capacity, inventory and emissions, and the future development of energy consuming enterprises must meet the requirements of carbon emissions

nowadays, carbon emissions have been included in the management, and you need to pay for the emission quota after using the free quota. Power selling companies that want to develop well in the future should have an overall view of integrated energy service companies. Power services, energy efficiency management and carbon asset management must be an organic whole. If they operate well, they can obtain much higher profits than the difference in selling electricity prices

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