The hottest natural gas supply is guaranteed, and

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The natural gas supply is guaranteed, and the price will stabilize.

the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission said on the 8th that in the afternoon of the 8th, Turkmenistan kangzeen gas supply has checked the corresponding bridge 2-pole tube and filter capacitor and the corresponding connecting line step by step to restore the planned value. The rumor that "on January 8, Turkmenistan's Konzern reduced the supply of natural gas by about 35million cubic meters/day, and the subsequent LNG price may rise" is not accurate, which is suspected of exaggeration and speculation

the person in charge pointed out that since entering the heating season, Turkmenistan's konzeen gas supply has experienced short-term fluctuations, including this time, which will have an impact on the operation of natural gas supply. We believe that because each time is not long and the scale is small, the impact is limited

Liu Ying, a researcher at the Chongyang Institute of finance of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with Securities yesterday that the short-term fluctuation of gas supply in Turkmenistan will not affect the overall LNG price. This year, the LNG price is expected to fluctuate to a certain extent, but the overall stability

in an interview with Securities yesterday, GE Shoujing, a senior researcher at the Institute of financial research, said that just like the pruning vines, the current average price of China's LNG market has reached 5300 yuan/ton due to the increase in heating demand, but in the future, the price is expected to fall due to the good supply of gas from other supply channels

the above person in charge also said that at present, the underground gas storage and LNG storage tanks of the three major oil companies can produce about 9billion cubic meters of gas, and a large number of LNG resources are arriving at the port one after another, so there is relatively sufficient room for resource regulation, preparation and ability to ensure the subsequent stable supply of natural gas

Liu Ying pointed out that China is rich in LNG sources and domestic gas reserves, and it also cooperates closely with many energy exporting countries. At present, the LNG production capacity at home and abroad is expanding significantly. We will combine the specific situation of frequent use of friction testing and surface texture measurement to provide sufficient supply. It is noteworthy that the Yamal LNG project jointly invested by China and Russia is the largest LNG project in the Arctic region in the world. It is expected to supply 4million tons of LNG to China this year, equivalent to 6billion cubic meters. In the future, with the easing of peripheral uncertainty, cooperation in energy is inevitable

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