What are the characteristics of colorful coatings

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Colorful paint has a wide range of applications, such as hotels, office buildings, government buildings and other high-end buildings will be used. In addition to the general cement walls, the surfaces of aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, insulation layers, cement fiberboards, glass fiber reinforced cement and other materials can be painted with colorful coatings, and the limitations of materials are far less than other coatings

colorful paint is a simple imitation paint. Compared with other imitation granite processes, colorful paint only needs one-time spraying to get gorgeous patterns similar to granite texture. It can be said to be the most economical wall decoration paint. Colorful paint is popular in the home decoration market with its economic and convenient advantages. The following editor will introduce what is colorful paint and the characteristics of colorful paint

what is colorful paint

colorful paint is a single component paint for building exterior walls, which is used to imitate the effect of stone, so it is also called liquid stone. Two or more aqueous colored particles are suspended in the aqueous medium and produce multiple colors through one-time spraying. It is a water-based exterior wall colorful paint processed by a special process with acrylic silicone lotion and fluorocarbon resin emulsion coating as the base material, combined with high-quality inorganic pigments and high-performance additives, breaking through the chemical theory of paint

characteristics of colorful coatings

1. Good stain resistance: 90% of the dirt is difficult to adhere. After natural washing with rain, it is as clean as new

2. Wide application: it is not only on the wall, but also on the aluminum plate and glass

3. Water resistance: if it is washed by heavy rain or does not turn white after soaking, it can be placed in water for soaking test on the spot

4. Strong weather resistance: it can adapt to the temperature difference and climatic environment in different regions, and the quality stability is excellent

5. Stable color: the color of natural colored sand, without any artificial dyeing, there is no need to worry about fading and discoloration

6. Simple construction: one-time molding, more efficient

7. Material saving: accurate gravel can effectively reduce the waste of spraying splash, saving 10% compared with ordinary products

8. Long durability: the content of lotion is 2-3 times that of ordinary products, and the service life is more than 15 years

distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of colorful paint

a look at water soluble

after a period of storage, the pattern particles in the colorful paint will sink, and there will be a protective glue on it. This layer of protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total amount of colorful paint. For multicolor coating with good quality, the protective glue solution is colorless or yellowish and clear; The main problem of the poor quality colorful paint is that the protective glue solution is turbid and obviously presents the same color as the pattern color particles. The main problem is either the poor stability of the colorful paint, or it has been stored and should not be used again

second, look at the floating debris

for the colorful paint with good quality, there is usually no floating debris on the surface of the protective glue solution, and there are very few colored particle floating debris, which is often hidden; However, if there is a large number of floating objects, and the color particles are full of the surface of the protective glue coating liquid, or even have a certain thickness, it is not normal, which indicates that the quality of this colorful coating is poor

three look at particle size

take a transparent glass, fill it with half a glass of water, then take a little colorful paint, put it into the water of the glass and stir it. Where the quality of colorful paint is good, the water in the cup is still clear, the particles are relatively independent in clear water, and the particles are not bonded to the Yin and yang ions of one, and the size of the particles is very uniform; With poor quality colorful paint, the water in the cup will immediately become muddy, and the particle size is differentiated. A small number of large particles are like pimples, and most of them are fluffy small particles

four look at the sales price

colorful coatings with good quality are produced by regular manufacturers according to the formula. At present, Yuema company has an annual output of 50000 tons of building coatings. Professional research and development of building interior and exterior wall coatings, mainly focusing on the main research and development and production of liquid granite beauty paint, water-based sand, rock flake paint, PERT color paint, natural stone paint, water-based and oil-based fluorocarbon paint, oil-based exterior wall paint, textured sand wall paint, high-grade emulsion paint, water-based metal paint, floor paint and other products, so as to truly achieve professionalism, promote industry with science and technology, technological innovation, and ensure stable, high-quality and reliable products for the majority of users

editor's summary: that's all about what is colorful paint and the characteristics of colorful paint. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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