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Yesterday (February 21), it was learned from the Dongcheng District cultural commission that the interior decoration work of the zuo'anmen turret, as a landmark building of the southeast moat, is still under way. The interior decoration project will be completed in May, and the competent department will also complete the bidding of the internal space and the determination of the operation plan at the same time. Before the end of the year, one of the landmark buildings in Beijing with a long history will be officially opened to the public

the zuo'anmen turret has a long history. In order to restore its original appearance, the reconstruction plan of the southeast turret was reopened last year. Wangweidong, director of Dongcheng District Cultural Commission, said that at present, the overall external repair of the corner building has been completed, and now it is the internal decoration and overall design work. After all the decoration, the corner building will be opened to the public as a library free of charge

after the repair, the business area of zuo'anmen corner building will reach 800 square meters. The first floor is the library, and the second floor can carry out various cultural activities, including exhibitions and lectures. Wang Weidong said that the interior decoration of the corner building is now going very smoothly and can be completed before May. Dongcheng District Commission of culture and culture has studied the functional orientation of the turret with relevant departments. At present, it is determined that it will be opened to the public in the form of libraries and cultural places. The specific layout and details are still under discussion

when asked about the specific scale of the library and which enterprise will operate it, Wang Weidong said: "we mainly provide a platform, which enterprise will operate and undertake it. At present, we are in contact with influential bookstores such as Sanlian bookstore and Chengpin bookstore." The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily also learned that after the completion of the internal decoration period in May, the operation plan for the opening of the corner building will also be basically determined. At that time, the entry and trial operation of the enterprise will also be carried out step by step. By the end of this year, the newly renovated zuo'anmen turret will "open to welcome guests"





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