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on the TV screen in the fourth quarter of this year, the busiest person is not the brother running everywhere, nor teacher Chen who is busy disciplining primary school students, but wearing different styles of suits and sweaters shuttling back and forth on four channels “ Good Chinese judges ” Guo Jingming. Starting with "China's good man", which was the first to come to the door, Guo Jingming took over the jury work of four variety shows, "voice of the Chinese dream", "grade one", "millions of fans" and "China's good man", and the audience sighed “ No matter how you press the remote control, it's the rhythm of being brushed by Xiao Si& rdquo; Yesterday, Guo Jingming fully shared his thoughts and opinions on "China's good man", on Idol making, and on his transformation from a writer to an entertainer

this time I heard that Guo Jingming was going to pick a man on China's good man, many netizens reacted first “ Director Guo is auditioning for a new play ”. As you all think, when the director team of "China's good man" found Guo Jingming, he really hoped to find some new people through this program and make reserves for his next works

according to the photos of luxury houses released, the rooms are full of various household furnishings, some of which have not even been unpacked, and they lean against the corridor with plastic film. Guo Jingming said that he did the interior design of the whole house himself: “ I love decoration and interior design. Sometimes I buy a suitable house when I see it. I read many architectural interior magazines every month to design a different style for each house& rdquo; He admitted that he was a “ Furniture control ”, I often find some favorite things from all over the world, so that I put them more and more, “ Sometimes I buy a house for furniture& rdquo; Guo Jingming felt that since he was not very good at stocks and other investment methods, he simply invested in real estate, “ It's still relatively simple, so don't worry a lot ”, At present, there are about a dozen properties at home and abroad. The house in the photo is exactly what Guo Jingming saw when he was driving by one day. He has a special liking for the old Western-style house and decided to buy it as soon as he saw it. At present, the lower two floors of the house are the most worldly studio, and the third and fourth floors are Guo Jingming's bedrooms. Sometimes he will live here when the meeting is late

from the "small age" series of films to Guo Jingming's personal style, some netizens often accuse him of being too luxurious and money hungry. Guo Jingming doesn't care about these criticisms. He thinks this is his life state& ldquo; The key is that you like it yourself. Some people like furniture, some people like crystal, some people like famous brand bags, and some people like tea and red wine. That can only be said to be your hobby. Some people say I don't want to buy a house, so I like traveling. As long as you match the lifestyle you want, it's OK. I think the most important thing is whether you are comfortable in your own life& rdquo;




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