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Sponsored by Wenzhou Daily newspaper group and undertaken by Wenzhou business daily, the 2018 Wenzhou home decoration building materials "Oscar" award and annual general evaluation list was released on November 7, 2018

Mr. xufengguang, chairman of Zhejiang naisidi home furnishing Co., Ltd., won the "top ten figures" in Wenzhou home decoration and building materials industry in 2018; In addition, Wenzhou Johns also passed the test and won the honor of "2018 the most reassuring building materials store for Wenzhou citizens"

Mr. Xu Fengguang, the chairman of the board, founded Zhejiang naisidi home furnishing Co., Ltd. in 2006. His Jorgens brand focuses on creating high-end whole wood customized large home overall space, and specializes in wooden doors, parapets, cabinets, cabinets, floors, mobile furniture and other products. Including European and American style, Zen Chinese style, Hong Kong style, Italian style, modern new Chinese style, luxury postmodern six style systems. More than 100 franchised stores have been opened. In 2018, nesti home also participated in the drafting of the standard of solid wood customized household products

on December 8, 2016, Mr. Xu Fengguang initiated the establishment of Wenzhou customized home furnishing chamber of Commerce. Under the leadership of Mr. Xu Fengguang, the chamber has grown from 153 members to nearly 300 members. It is committed to helping each other among enterprises, building a high-end platform for scientific research, incubation of achievements, cultivation of industrial clusters and talent training in the field of Wenzhou customized home furnishing industry, and promoting the rapid, healthy and orderly development of Wenzhou customized home furnishing industry, So that the customized home furnishing industry in Wenzhou can better expand its influence and become a new industrial trump card in the whole city, the country, and even the international market, and gradually make Wenzhou become the engine of the development of the national customized home furnishing industry and the propeller of industrial transformation and upgrading

"2018 Wenzhou citizens' most reassuring building materials store" and other honors have been selected layer by layer among more than 500 brands and businesses from the preliminary investigation, publicity to selection. After readers' voting, reporters' on-site visits, experts' comprehensive evaluation and other links, after three months of selection, the Johns brand stood out and won this honor

based on the enterprise concept of "making home life better", nexteer has been constantly innovating and pursuing high quality, which has been unanimously recognized by customers and peers. The whole wood customized home furnishing industry is the first to win the "China environmental label certification unit", the chairman unit of Wenzhou customized home furnishing chamber of Commerce, the "executive chairman unit of the customized home furnishing Committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce", and the "standard setting unit of solid wood customized home products" "Vice president unit of China wooden door technology alliance", "double top ten demonstration brands", "preferred brands of villas and luxury houses", "integrity demonstration brands", "top ten full house customized brands", "the most innovative brand in the industry", "China environmental logo products", "gold Award for original design" and other honorary titles

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