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Working principle and application of infrared thermometer (I)

key points: This paper briefly introduces the basic theory of infrared technology and expounds the working principle, development and classification of infrared thermal imager based on the development and application of infrared technology at home and abroad

1. Overview

infrared temperature measurement technology plays an important role in product quality control and monitoring, equipment fault diagnosis and safety protection, and energy conservation in the production process. In the past 20 years, non-contact infrared thermometers have developed rapidly in technology, with continuous improvement of performance, enhancement of functions, increase of varieties, expansion of application scope and increase of market share year by year. Compared with contact temperature measurement, infrared temperature measurement has the advantages of fast response time, non-contact, safe use and long service life. The non-contact infrared thermometer includes three series: portable, portable and scanning, and is equipped with various options and computer software. Each series has various models and specifications. It is very important for users to correctly select the type of infrared thermometer among various types of thermometers with different specifications

infrared detection technology is a key promotion project of national scientific and technological achievements during the Ninth Five Year Plan period. Infrared detection is a monitoring (power-off) high-tech detection technology, which integrates photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology and image processing technology. By receiving the infrared (infrared radiation) emitted by objects, its thermal image is displayed on the fluorescent screen, so as to accurately judge the temperature distribution on the surface of objects, with accurate, real-time Fast and other advantages. Due to the movement of its own molecules, any object constantly radiates infrared heat energy, thus forming a certain temperature field on the surface of the object, commonly known as "thermal image". Infrared diagnosis technology is to measure the temperature and temperature field distribution on the equipment surface by absorbing the infrared radiation energy, so as to judge the heating condition of the equipment. At present, there are many test equipment using infrared diagnostic technology, such as infrared thermometer, infrared thermal TV, infrared thermal imager and so on. Equipment such as infrared thermal TV and infrared thermal imager use thermal imaging technology to transform this invisible "thermal image" into visible light image, which makes the test effect intuitive and has high sensitivity. It can detect subtle changes in the thermal state of the equipment, accurately reflect the internal and external heating conditions of the equipment, and has high reliability. It is very effective to find hidden dangers of the equipment

infrared diagnosis technology can reliably predict the early fault defects and insulation performance of electrical equipment, and improve the preventive test maintenance of traditional electrical equipment (preventive test is the standard introduced from the former Soviet Union in the 1950s) to predictive condition based maintenance, which is also the development direction of modern power enterprises. Especially with the development of large units and ultra-high voltage, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the reliable operation of power system and the stability of electricity. With the continuous development, maturity and improvement of modern science and technology, infrared condition monitoring and diagnosis technology has the characteristics of long-distance, non-contact, non sampling, non disassembly, accurate and rapid growth of the company's deeds, mainly the 6.8% mom increase in the price of raw material waste stainless steel in the first quarter, which can monitor and diagnose most faults of electrical equipment in real time (it can cover the detection of all kinds of faults of almost all electrical equipment). It is highly valued by the power industry at home and abroad (an advanced condition based maintenance system widely used in the late 1970s abroad), and has developed rapidly. The application of infrared detection technology is of great significance to improve the reliability and effectiveness of electrical equipment, improve the economic benefit of operation and reduce the maintenance cost. At present, it is a good method widely popularized in the field of predictive maintenance, and can raise the maintenance level and the health level of equipment to a higher level

the infrared imaging detection technology can be used for non-contact detection of the running equipment, photographing the distribution of its temperature field and measuring the temperature value of any part. Based on this, various external and internal faults can be diagnosed. It has the advantages of real-time, telemetry, visual and quantitative temperature measurement. It is very convenient and effective to detect the running equipment and live equipment of power plants, substations and transmission lines

infrared temperature recording method is used to detect electrical equipment with thermal imager. Infrared temperature recording method is a new technology in industry, which uses the tolerance of No. 4 corresponding to the mold manufacturing tolerance of precision technology to detect the performance of equipment and master its operation status. Compared with the traditional temperature measurement methods (such as thermocouples, wax chips with different melting points, etc. placed on the surface or body of the tested object), the thermal imager can detect the temperature of hot spots in a certain distance in real time, quantitatively, and through scanning, it can also draw the temperature gradient thermal image of the equipment in operation. It has high sensitivity, is not disturbed by electromagnetic fields, and is convenient for field use. It can detect the thermal faults of electrical equipment with high resolution of 0.05 ℃ in a wide range of -20 ℃ ~ 2000 ℃, revealing such as the heating of wire joints or clamps, and local hot spots in electrical equipment

infrared diagnosis technology of live equipment is a new subject. It is a comprehensive technology that utilizes the heating effect of the charged equipment, uses special equipment to obtain the infrared radiation information from the equipment surface, and then judges the equipment status and the defect nature of the microcomputer control system to automatically control the experimental force, displacement and deformation in multiple modes

2. In 1672, people discovered that sunlight (white light) is composed of various colors of light. At the same time, Newton made a famous conclusion that monochromatic light is simpler in nature than white light. Using a beam splitting prism, the sunlight (white light) is decomposed into various monochromatic lights such as red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. In 1800, the British physicist F. W. Hirsch discovered infrared ray when he studied various colors of light from the point of view of heat. When studying the heat of various colors of light, he purposely blocked the only window of the darkroom with a dark board, and opened a rectangular hole on the board, in which a light splitting prism was installed. When the sunlight passes through the prism, it is decomposed into color light bands, and a thermometer is used to measure the heat contained in different colors in the light bands. In order to compare with the ambient temperature, Hirsch used several thermometers placed near the color light band as comparison to measure the ambient temperature. During the experiment, he came across a strange phenomenon: a thermometer placed outside the red light of the light band was higher than the rated value of other indoor temperatures. After repeated tests, the so-called high-temperature area with the most heat is always located outside the red light at the extreme edge of the light band of the recycling mechanism that found no waste pen refills in the province. So he announced that in addition to visible light, there is also an invisible "" in the radiation emitted by the sun. This invisible "" is located outside the red light, which is called infrared. Infrared ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave, which has the same essence as radio wave and visible light. The discovery of infrared ray is human self

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