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Working principle and advantages of paper tray forming machine

nowadays, the commodity competition in the international market is becoming increasingly fierce. Commodity quality, price and packaging design are three main factors. Packaging is the carrier of information and the necessary means to realize product transportation, storage and sales. As a new member of the modern packaging family, paper tray has attracted much attention because of its unique advantages. In the face of a large number of market demands, the traditional manual production can no longer meet the needs of the majority of manufacturers. Automated paper tray production has become the next production direction of many manufacturers, so that the paper tray forming equipment has entered the vision of the majority of manufacturers, In this article, the author will introduce the working principle and advantages of the full-automatic paper tray forming and pasting machine, so as to solve the doubts for the doubters and discuss with the knowers

taking the paper tray used for agricultural products as an example, fresh fruits and vegetables are still a living body after harvest, which will produce a lot of respiratory heat. The resulting transpiration phenomenon will increase the ambient temperature, and the fruits and vegetables are easy to deteriorate or rot, making the products lose their commodity value and edible value. The water content of fruits and vegetables is very high, but the protective tissue of epidermis is is very poor. It is vulnerable to mechanical damage in the process of collection, storage and transportation, which reduces the value of its goods and shortens its shelf life. Therefore, the first requirement for the packaging of fruits and vegetables is to have sufficient mechanical strength to protect the products from damage during loading, unloading, transportation and stacking. Secondly, it should have certain air permeability to provide gas exchange environment for the product and eliminate the breathing heat of the product. The packaging of fruits and vegetables must also be clean, pollution-free, odorless, smooth inner wall, beautiful exterior, light weight and convenient stacking. The outside of the package shall be marked with the trademark name, product grade, weight, place of origin, packaging date and other information. Packaging is also an auxiliary trade means, which should be able to provide standard specification units for market transactions. The standardization of packaging is conducive to the mechanized operation of storage work, reducing labor intensity, improving work efficiency, and making full use of storage space

there are many advantages in carrying articles in paper tray. You can directly see the products in the box, so that consumers can understand the characteristics of the products from the packaging appearance. The design is beautiful and unique, and increases the added value of the products; The strength of the folding paper tray is much higher than that of ordinary paper due to the reinforcement design of the folding paper tray and the use of hot melt adhesive; Can save cardboard; The unique design is very conducive to air circulation; Paper injection machine: the clamping force is 70t. The recessed design of the carrier is conducive to stacking and has good stability; Compared with the plastic turnover box, the corrugated structure of corrugated paper can better protect the products; High strength, embedded design and corrugated structure protect the product and its packaging, and reduce the loss during transportation; The use of paper trays enables the products to be directly put on the retail shelves from the manufacturing enterprises or reach the hands of consumers. This greatly reduces the packaging costs of manufacturers and the handling costs of retailers; The circulation of paper pallets is one-way. When using plastic turnover boxes, the manufacturing enterprises will no longer bear the huge advance of the manufacturing industry and the galloping return shipment fee; It is unified with the general standard of European agricultural product transport packaging box and compatible with the European agricultural product pallet standard, so that the space of the means of transport can be fully utilized; Paperboard is an infinitely renewable material, which conforms to the current concept of environmental protection

due to the above advantages of walling cardboard packaging tray, it can meet the requirements of fruit and vegetable packaging containers, and also integrates transportation packaging, storage packaging and sales packaging. It is the most effective means to realize the integration of production, supply and marketing of fruit and vegetable products, which can greatly reduce the cost of product circulation process and improve the circulation speed and efficiency

working principle of the paper tray forming machine

first, the printed and die-cut cardboard is stacked on the forming machine, the paper feeding system inputs the cardboard into the forming machine, and the glue spraying system automatically sprays the hot melt glue onto the predetermined position of the cardboard. After a series of folding and pressing actions, the folding and die system presses and forms the paper tray. Different types of paper trays can be pasted through different settings of the machine

advantages of using automatic forming machine

cost reduction

the amount of die-cutting cardboard and hot melt glue required by the forming machine is small (compared with ordinary cartons and manually folded cartons), which significantly reduces the unit price of boxes

high production efficiency

the processing speed of the forming machine is high, and the boax FP-4 model is 900 ~ 1400/h; Boax mct1/v up to 6000/h

labor cost saving

in socialized mass production, labor cost will be higher and higher, and equipment investment is extremely necessary. This is true even in countries where labor costs are low

improve product quality

using the forming machine can ensure the uniform quality of the paper tray and reduce the scrap rate

a large amount of capital expenditure is required. Effective storage

can be produced when paper trays are required, saving storage space. The paper trays are nested with each other during stacking

it is very stable with or without products, which can effectively avoid collapse and deflection in storage

because there are still many inconveniences in the use of paper cartons, such as they cannot be folded after forming and are not suitable for long-distance empty container transportation, if the distance between the place where the cartons are produced and the place where the fruits and vegetables are packed (fruit and vegetable packaging) is too far, should the fruit and vegetable production and packaging enterprises or the carton factory buy the paper cartons forming machine to process and form the paper cartons? The author believes that the following modes have their advantages:

the carton factory purchases the molding machine

the carton factory knows the carton best. If it has customers in the fruit and vegetable industry and customers have such market demand, the paper pallet will become a new profit growth point for the carton factory. Carton factories can put their own molding machines at customers (fruit and vegetable enterprises), such as farms, and then transport the printed and die-cut cardboard purchased by customers to the equipment location each time. The customer can use the machine for free, but must purchase the printed die-cut cardboard from the carton factory, and both parties sign an agreement. In this way, the carton factory not only develops new business, but also saves space and labor. Fruit and vegetable enterprises purchase molding machines. As long as they buy die-cut cardboard from the carton factory, they can produce their own paper trays. Because the equipment has a high degree of automation (known as "fool machine"), it is easy to operate without professional knowledge. Just put the cardboard on the paper feeding pile to get the finished box at the output end. Fruit and vegetable enterprises do not need to buy finished boxes, but only cardboard, which saves a lot of costs, and the product packaging quality is improved, which can increase the added value of products

establish an independent paper pallet processing center

the processing center should purchase the molding machine, which should be close to the fruit and vegetable enterprises (or adjacent to several farms), purchase the cardboard from the carton factory, process it into boxes, and then transport it to the nearby fruit and vegetable enterprises. The processing center earns the price difference between cartons and paperboards. Some large fruit and vegetable enterprises need millions of paper cartons every year, and the profit is also very objective

in a word, the open paper tray will undoubtedly become the mainstream of fruit and vegetable packaging. The paper tray forming and bonding equipment is bound to become a development trend, because such equipment has been successfully and widely used in foreign countries. It is believed that it will gradually develop in China, and become another development opportunity for manufacturers, bringing certain benefits to manufacturers

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