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The working principle and characteristics of pneumatic sealing equipment

will gradually reduce the error. Like people wearing clothes, packaging is a necessary process for food. People who are good-looking will look at it more, while people who are not good-looking will not take care of it. The appearance of food can promote appetite. Whether it is good or not, people will have the idea of trying... Food packaging is inseparable from smart people and the packaging machinery dressed for them. Vertical packaging, Pillow type packaging and horizontal packaging are all completed by the full-automatic packaging line. There are also special vacuum pumping packaging, which is sealed directly after vacuum pumping. There are also mechanical sealing after manual packaging.

there are many kinds of sealing equipment, including foot sealing, hand pressure sealing, hand sealing, pneumatic sealing, continuous automatic sealing, printing sealing, aluminum foil sealing, etc.

pneumatic sealing is more convenient than hand pressure and foot sealing, It is mainly for large weight packaging, and can be operated manually or by foot switch, which is light and simple. It doesn't need any effort. The weight of the package can be within 100 kg. There is a roller under the machine, which doesn't need manual extraction, and can be used with the production line.


qf-600l pneumatic plastic film. This experimental machine can be used to carry out the standard ASTM g 99 and DIN 50324. The market of China's plastic machinery enterprises will be more open up and the pin disk or ball disk experimental bag sealing machine pointed out in iso/dis 7148 (2), It is applicable to intermittent packaging and sealing of plastic bags or composite bags with sealing length less than 600mm and weight less than 50kg. The machine is powered by compressed air, the sealing pressure is adjustable, the quality is stable and reliable, and can be operated manually or by foot switch, which is light and simple. Heat sealed thick packing bags. Double heating model qf-600l/s can be adopted

is widely used in chemical, grain, food, feed and other industries. For special orders, various plastics for sealing can be made into metal like appearance and spray like appearance through filling modification, and the length can be increased to 700mm, 800mm and 1000mm. It can also be matched with its connected conveyor and production line

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