Work summary meeting of the third quarter of 2011

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Ruitai technology's work summary meeting for the third quarter of 2011 and the "12th Five Year Plan" development planning seminar were successfully held. On October 11, Ruitai technology's work summary meeting for the third quarter of 2011 and the "12th Five Year Plan" development planning seminar were held in Ruitai, Dujiangyan. The senior management and general manager assistant of Ruitai technology, the chairman and general manager of each branch and subsidiary, and the team members of Dujiangyan subsidiary attended the meeting with clear hierarchy and fair structure. The meeting was presided over by liaojiaozhang, Secretary of the Party branch of Ruitai technology and deputy (2) general manager who can obtain the torque torque angle curve of materials under different tension by using the device

the general managers of all branches and subsidiaries reported the operation of the third quarter and the measures taken to achieve the annual goals, and further discussed the development plan during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Researchers from Masdar Institute of science and technology in Abu Dhabi just submitted an attractive 3D printing patent application; CFO chenrongjian analyzed and commented on the operating performance of branches and subsidiaries one by one according to the completion of the company's operating performance in the third quarter, and put forward suggestions and requirements for improvement to achieve the annual objectives

general manager fengzhongqi fully affirmed the work of each branch and subsidiary. With the title of "adjusting ideas, clarifying, standardizing operation and controlling risks", he made an in-depth analysis of the problems existing in the current operation and management of Ruitai technology from the two levels of decision-making and operation management, and put forward ideas and measures to solve them

chairman Zeng Dafan made an important speech entitled "win-win cooperation, harmony makes money, and then talk about the cooperation between Ruitai technology and private enterprises". He analyzed and interpreted the cooperation between Ruitai technology and private enterprises in simple and easy language, and pointed out that pleasant cooperation is the starting point and premise of the joint venture, value preservation and appreciation is the fundamental goal of the joint venture, and mutual respect must not touch the bottom line. He hoped that in the cooperation of mutual understanding and mutual respect, we would strictly abide by the regulations of listed companies, standardize the operation, and ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets

during the meeting, a special seminar was held on accounts receivable management, capital operation and how to strengthen financing and investment management, and the implementation of key work in the fourth quarter was deployed

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