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Working principle and application of piston flow regulating valve

I. characteristics and working principle of piston flow regulating valve:

RKV and RKV Riko piston flow regulating valves produced by German vag valve company. The piston type flow regulating valve is different from the butterfly valve and gate valve used only for pipeline cut-off. The piston valve can meet various special regulating requirements. Its regulating function is realized by the axial movement of a piston like cylinder in the valve chamber, and its stroke is consistent with the direction of water flow in the pipe. The water flows into the shell from the axial arc, and the flow channel in the piston valve is axisymmetric, so there will be no turbulence when the fluid flows through. The change of channel area is realized by a piston moving in a straight line along the axial direction of the pipe. No matter where the piston is, no matter where the water in the valve chamber moves to, the water flow section at any position in the valve chamber is annular and shrinks to the axis at the outlet, so as to achieve the best cavitation prevention, so as to avoid the possible cavitation damage to the valve body and pipeline due to throttling

the piston valve body is designed as a whole, with high flow capacity. The opening has a linear relationship with the flow, which can effectively avoid cavitation and vibration. The inner shell is connected with the shell by streamlined guide ribs, and the stainless steel piston is reliably guided to slide, so as to prevent inclination or poor operation. The upstream end face of the inner shell is spherical, which makes the water flow form a gradual process. Scholars at home and abroad have also conducted relevant research. The piston is operated by a crank connecting rod installed in the shell. The piston valve adopts metal to metal and metal and rubber double sealing to realize two-way bubble level sealing. Therefore, the sealing system has long service life and tight closure

due to the special structure of the piston valve, according to different operating conditions, the water flow characteristics of the valve can be adjusted by the type of outlet components at the downstream water outlet of the valve (the outlet components can be replaced), so as to adapt to the working conditions of different purposes and achieve the best flow regulation effect

II. Application of piston type flow regulating valve:

each piece of forgings needs to be one piece of export regulating parts. There are four types of Jinan assays to attract investment nationwide:

1. The first type of E has the structure of cutting bending and straightening and sudden enlargement along the downstream cross section of the end seat, so as to eliminate cavitation damage. It is suitable for flow control, high pressure difference and large back pressure. The structure of cutting bending and straightening and sudden enlargement of cross section can reduce the cavitation effect

2. For the second S-type, the closed guide part has a slotted sleeve. It is suitable for flow control, high pressure difference adjustment and sufficient back pressure. Its adjustability matches the fluid state and can achieve better results

3. The third type of F has the function of a short diffuser at the outlet of the valve body, which is suitable for regulating and opening and closing occasions and plays the role of switch. The head loss is very small when opening and closing, and the resistance is small when fully opening

4. The fourth type, LH or SZ, is installed with anti cavitation multi hole ring in the piston closing guide part in the valve chamber, which is suitable for regulation, anti cavitation, high pressure difference and small back pressure (at the inlet of the reservoir). Its flow control and regulation characteristics are best matched with the requirements of the operating conditions, so as to eliminate the cavitation effect

5. Vag piston valve can be used as drain valve and explosion-proof pipe valve in water diversion. In storage, vag piston valve LH and E can be used as liquid level or pressure regulating valve. In water transmission, vag piston valve LH and s can be used as decomposition regulating valve when the flow material temperature exceeds 300 ° C and the residence time exceeds 30min. Type E, LH or SZ can be used as drain valve or filling valve. In sewage and water treatment, vag piston valve can be used as pump startup protection valve, Or it is equipped with special regulating outlet components, which can also be used as the flow regulating valve in the water treatment plant. The E-type piston valve can also be used as the gas volume regulating valve in the sewage treatment plant. On the water supply, the vag piston valve adopts different outlet components according to the liquid working conditions, which can be used as the pressure/flow regulating valve, such as pipe pressure balance

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