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What does word Xiaofu's most popular intelligent robot look like

on May 12, 2016, it stood out and won the most valuable SaaS products in China's good SaaS Beijing division

on August 5, 2016, we won the most valuable SaaS product in the first season final of China's good SaaS

on December 9, 2016, we sang all the way to the top 10 of China's good SaaS, and won the most valuable SaaS product of the year selected by btawards innovation

among the SaaS products springing up like mushrooms, many experts and the market favor it. Is this the legendary product of someone else's family

Duang!!! The answer to the mystery is revealed. This product of other people's family is the intelligent human-computer interaction system of Shenzhou Taiyue - Xiaofu robot

wind vane of intelligent robot products

China good SaaS is a third-party service platform for China's enterprise level SaaS products launched by it value, the largest technology executive community in China, in may2016. It has been held for two seasons and competed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hangzhou

in this fierce competition, Xiaofu robot took the lead all the way, and finally won the top ten in China. It has its own characteristics and practical situation. Together with other nine products, Xiaofu robot formed the wind vane of enterprise SaaS products that were most favored by CIOs and investors in 2016

at present, no other technology can win our attention like robots. However, the current human-computer interaction system generally has problems such as unsatisfactory response effect, difficult to deal with open Q & A and communication and interaction in complex business scenarios, and low degree of automation of background knowledge processing. Xiaofu robot has perfectly solved the above problems by virtue of China's leading intelligent semantic cognition technology and dinfo-oec text semantic analysis platform

Xiaofu robot has many advantages, such as more intelligent human-computer interaction and response ability, automation ability of knowledge processing, business oriented maintenance free ability, multilingual support, etc. In addition, Xiaofu robot supports the human-computer interaction of all channel 3 and the output channel of the tensile machine during maintenance, including app, SMS, web and other channels

in version 4.0 to be released in January 2017, Xiaofu robot will add new functions such as knowledge scene, multi round session recognition, problem tagging, material library, etc. At that time, the dialogue between Xiaofu robot and users will no longer be limited to asking and answering. It can actively chat with users according to different scenarios. It also supports multiple rounds of session recognition, subdivides knowledge into multi-level knowledge systems, and answers each user's question in detail

at the same time, Xiaofu robot will also introduce the material library to make the pictures as part of the answer in addition to the text answer, making the intelligent question and answer vivid

pioneer of commercialization of artificial intelligence

in this wave of artificial intelligence, the robot industry is accelerating its development worldwide. According to statistics, at present, China has an average of 4-5 robot enterprises registered every week, and there are more than 2000 robot enterprises in China. However, in the full swing of development, it is a common problem that the commercialization is less than expected

AI companies should not only understand technology, but also understand products, and go on the road of commercialization. From the beginning of its appearance, the little rich robot has made great progress on the road of commercialization with its own pace and plan

a few days ago, Xiaofu robot successfully won the bid for the intelligent robot system project of Bank of Changsha, providing the Bank of Changsha with an intelligent self-help question and answer platform of various channels, realizing business interaction, chat dialogue, marketing activity support and other functions. The intelligent robot platform has the ability to manage knowledge base, analyze statistical reports, and expand subsequent functions and interfaces. It can instantly answer customers' daily problems, realize anthropomorphic interaction through various channels, and enable customers to enjoy banking services more intelligently and self-help after saving the original data

in addition to the application scenarios in the banking industry, Xiaofu robot has also expanded its application scenarios in insurance, taxation and other fields. It is understood that Xiaofu robot has been applied in the project of Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau at this difficult time for battery enterprises

in the future, Xiaofu is not only an intelligent robot. Under the guidance of the three product strategies of Shenzhou Taiyue platform, intelligence and cloud service, and with the leading artificial intelligence cognitive technology, Xiaofu's goal is to become the core and brain of many intelligent application products and realize the application and collaboration in a broader field

according to IFR data, it is estimated that China's service robot market will reach 24billion yuan by 2017. With the arrival of the turning point of science and technology and the diversification of application scenarios, robots will soon exist in our work and life on a large scale, and Xiaofu is undoubtedly the most favored one

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