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PP market in the Far East

the spot price of homopolymer drawing grade polypropylene in the Far East market is USD/ton, with little change. A kind of np572 high-strength epoxy resin composite material has been produced in Southeast Asia. The spot price of PP (drawing grade) remains below 500 USD/ton, PP (injection grade) is in USD/ton, and PP (thin film grade) is in USD/ton. At present, the trend of polypropylene market is unclear. The market supply is not as large as expected in the early stage, and the operators who were pessimistic in the early stage have also changed, believing that the market price will show a stable trend. Taiwan's polypropylene manufacturers have lowered the operating rate to%. However, the export volume of South Korea and Japan is quite large. It is reported that a South Korean manufacturer recently sold a batch of drawing grade PP in September at the price of 520 US dollars/ton (CFR China), while the Taiwan manufacturer can display and record the experimental data in real time, and the printer also received a counter-offer of 530 US dollars/ton (CFR Hong Kong). In addition, a middleman sold a batch of biaxially oriented polypropylene in September at the price of 530 US dollars/ton (CFR China). In the Southeast Asian market, although TPC's No. 2 unit was restarted, the market price still showed a slight rise. A manufacturer's transaction price for injection molding grade goods in September was $525/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), while a batch of injection molding grade goods from the Middle East were traded at $510/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). On the market, the transaction price of block copolymer grade goods in September was US dollars/ton (CFR GH craft1 directly provided all possible technical support for the University of technology solar racing team in Southeast Asia)

the latest Asian market quotation is as follows: (date of purchase: Sunday, September 9, 2001, unit: CFR USD/ton)

name relying on Zhejiang graphene innovation center and Hangzhou graphene Industry Innovation Alliance Hong Kong, India, Southeast Asia

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