The hottest PP market in Ningbo has been very acti

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Recently, Ningbo PP market has been extremely active

the atmosphere of Ningbo PP market is active. At present, the quotation of domestic homopolymer drawing PP is yuan/ton, and the market price is rising. The market transactions are mainly made by traders. High melt refers to the market price of copolymerized PP, yuan/ton. Yanshan stone has an orderly microcrystalline structure on the market, and the supply of k7726 is tight. However, Yanshan Petrochemical will produce k7726 in the near future, which should have a certain impact on the current market price. The market price of Korean Xiaoxing j742s is 11500 yuan/ton, and that of Korean Hyundai M1600 is 12000 yuan/ton. Low melt refers to copolymerized pp. the market price of Yangzi Petrochemical j340 is 10650 yuan/ton, and the market price of Korea Xiaoxing j340 is yuan/ton

pp market rose rapidly. On one hand, Mr. zobel said that the market supply was tight, on the other hand, it was the joint speculation of traders. When the market rises to the current price, I feel that I should stabilize and leave some breathing time for downstream factories

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