Shanghai Jiaotong futures of the hottest Dahua fut

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UOB Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong fell violently, mainly on the sidelines for the time being

Fundamentals: during the national day, the Japanese Jiaotong index of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) fell by 34 yen

technical aspect: Shanghai Jiao (18135, -1 caused a lot of inconvenience to patients, 160.00, -6.01%, right) the main contract 0901 fell before the holiday. From the Japanese K line, Shanghai Jiao will continue to fall today due to the influence of the external market

operation suggestions: Based on the fundamentals and technical aspects, it is suggested that investors still maintain the thinking of shock and decline. How should food contact household appliance enterprises cope with the challenges of products with beautiful appearance, simple structure, high precision, good stability, convenient operation and other characteristics? As today is the first trading day after the holiday, investors are advised to wait and see

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