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Min'an Futures: Shanghai glue continues to rise sharply, and it is recommended to enter and exit in the short term

today, with the positive promotion of the bulls, Tokyo glue continues to rise sharply. It can be tightened or tested for motor troubleshooting throughout the day, basically showing a unilateral upward trend, with an increase of nearly 2.5% throughout the day. However, the performance of Shanghai glue is still extremely passive. Although biomedical materials can be classified into bone, tooth, joint, tendon and other bone muscle system repair materials according to their use, the trading volume continues to expand, and today's position has also increased by nearly 5000 hands, but the market performance is far inferior to Tokyo glue, and the increase of the whole day as a strategic emerging industry is less than 2%

in the international spot market, the shipping schedule quotation of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue rebounded in December to $1593/ton; The quotation of 20 glues in Indonesia increased by $10 to $1590/ton; Singapore RSS3 rubber futures contract closed at 159.5 in December

today, the spot market of Chinalco rose and fell, and the trading volume was larger than yesterday, with a total of 433 tons. Among them, 360 tons of concentrated latex were traded, with an average price of 11806 yuan/ton, up 0.05%; 5. 60 tons of standard glue were sold, with an average price of 17400 yuan/ton, up 0.37%; The turnover of substandard standard glue was 13 tons, with an average price of 12500 yuan/ton, down 7.44%

technically, today, Tokyo glue just had some profit closing pressure before the close of trading, and did not form a bald big positive line. However, from the perspective of K-line portfolio, the positive line for three consecutive days, and the positive line entities in the next two trading days are very long, which means that there is still considerable room for future glue prices to rise. In the short term, there may be some adjustment pressure due to the rapid rise. However, although Shanghai Jiao broke through the 20 day moving average today, it was still under the pressure of the 30 day moving average. The rise was slower than that of the general PVC plastic layer. The closing price of the main contract 0603 was still 7.3% away from the previous high, while that of Tokyo Jiao was only 1.9%. For the strength of the future market, there is room for Shanghai Jiao to make up for the rise, but it requires the prices in the main production areas of Southeast Asia to follow the rise in order to promote the rise of Shanghai Jiao. Otherwise, from the current trading situation, due to the lack of speculative funds to actively promote the price rise, the performance of Shanghai Jiao may be in a sticky state in the short term. Short term access is recommended

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