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Shanghai Jiaotong University is actively building a highland of AI development. AI has become a new engine of contemporary economic dynamic change, and is the current leading strategic technology and the core driving force of a new round of industrial change. Relying on the advantages of disciplines and talents, Shanghai Jiaotong University has seized the opportunity to build an artificial intelligence research institute and achieved certain results in exploring talent training mode, promoting the integration of industry, University, research and application, and building an innovative exchange platform

the first is to explore the training mode of AI talents with this master's degree and broad knowledge. After more than 20 years of exploration, the school has formed a top-notch innovative talent training system in the basic field represented by Zhiyuan college, ACM class and IEEE pilot class, and cultivated a number of young leading talents in the field of artificial intelligence entrepreneurship, such as Yitu technology Lin Chenxi, the fourth paradigm Dai Wenyuan, Shangtang Technology Xu Li, Yuntian lifeI Chen Ning, etc. At the beginning of 2018, the University set up an artificial intelligence research institute, added artificial intelligence majors, focused on the basic theory of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge research hotspots, and promoted the construction of artificial intelligence majors. Undergraduate students will be officially enrolled in 2019. During the world AI conference, the school established wuwenjun honorary doctoral program in AI, which further improved the through training mode of AI talents in shanghaijiaotonguniversity. During the undergraduate period, we will focus on cultivating the basic theory and ability of artificial intelligence. During the postgraduate period, we will rely on the Institute of industrial intelligence as the platform to explore the industry frontier. The doctoral class of Wu Wenjun will focus on cultivating potential innovative basic research leaders in the field of artificial intelligence

second, focus on the production, study, research and application of artificial intelligence, and continue to help the construction of Shanghai Science and technology innovation center. Facing the international frontier, AI research institute is committed to building an interdisciplinary research highland in the field of AI, cultivating top talents, leading scientific and technological innovation and promoting industrial development. In September this year, the Key Laboratory of artificial intelligence of the Ministry of education of the University officially passed the expert recognition. 1. The panel display function certificate was established. At present, 14 papers have been accepted by the cvpr2018 conference, leading a national key research and development plan project, and winning the first batch of innovation projects for the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Promote the formulation of the strategic plan for the development of the whole AI industry in Shanghai and take the lead in formulating the research guide. The research institute cooperates with Minhang District government, Bokang Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co., Ltd. to jointly build the "Shanghai Jiaotong University artificial intelligence R & D and transformation platform". Focusing on the innovation needs of artificial intelligence, it gathers the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence, docking resources, continues to cultivate and promote the industrialization of artificial intelligence technology experimental machine in the loading process, and constantly promotes the construction of Shanghai Science and innovation center

third, deeply participate in the world artificial intelligence conference, and builders may add a protective shield intelligent communication platform to electromechanical industry. At the recently concluded World Conference on industrial intelligence to improve air quality in cars and reduce the production of volatile organic compounds, the University, together with more than 10 universities and enterprises such as Tsinghua University, MIT, Shangtang technology, initiated the establishment of the "global academic alliance of artificial intelligence of colleges and universities", and established an academic alliance across disciplines and regions. The school undertakes the "global principals' round table" and artificial intelligence frontier forum, builds a high-level dialogue platform between frontier theory and frontier application, hosts the AI excellence medical innovation challenge, and promotes technological progress and industrial upgrading in the medical industry with scientific and technological innovation and industrial model innovation

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