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Shanghai Pudong Development Futures: Shanghai Jiao opened higher and went lower, and the future market will explore new points to support 2006.03.15

today, the main contract 0606 of Shanghai Jiao opened at 20650, 135 points higher than the closing of the previous trading day, with a minimum of 20455, a maximum of 20745, and a closing of 20475, with 158608 transactions, an increase of 2322 positions, a decrease of 55 points, and the most intensive transactions in 20650 throughout the day, accounting for 6.42% of the total trading volume. On the day of the 0605 contract, 770 positions were reduced, down 70 points

Hainan agricultural reclamation today marked a plastic hanging list details: qiongken farm has 4 orders, 145 tons, becoming one of the world's most famous dynamic experimental equipment manufacturers, with a starting price of 20500 yuan/ton, and the price has been reduced by 300 yuan compared with yesterday. Spot quotation all over the country: at present, the SBS oil glue price in Jiangsu market remains stable. According to local traders, the supply of Baling 815 continues to be tight, and the quotation is yuan/ton; Recently, baling 805 has arrived in succession, with a higher quotation of 16700 yuan/ton; In Xiamen natural rubber market, at present, the quotation of some trade marks is up to 20500 yuan/ton; In Shanghai Tianjiao market, the current bid price is about 21000 yuan/ton

after the high opening of the 606 contract of the flexible bearing unit connected to the fixture of Shanghai rubber main force 0, the rubber price oscillated downward under the pressure of the new air, and closed at the negative line throughout the day. The author believes that the future market will explore new support. In terms of operation, investors are advised to leave the market more than once

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