Shanghai Jiaotong region fluctuated in the first w

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Last week was the first week after the National Day holiday. Due to many factors affecting the rescue of the market in the peripheral financial markets, the overall trend of Shanghai Jiaotong after the holiday had a positive impact, resulting in Shanghai Jiaotong not falling but rising after the opening. The second situation of the main force: first, check whether the dynamometer piston is installed correctly. The maximum upward impact of the contract ru1201 is 29035 yuan, However, due to the increasingly heavy effect of technical resistance in the upper range, the futures price rose and retreated, ending at 28870 yuan, up 1095 yuan from the closing price of 27775 yuan the previous week

the whole week's trading tends to be active, the main players of long and short positions compete fiercely, and the positions are also significantly expanded. Some funds for closing positions and exiting before the festival have returned to the market, and both sides have invested incremental funds. Can you operate the bending tester? And launched a fierce competition for position expansion

as of the morning of the 17th, the contract had risen sharply by 29500 yuan, and then it was blocked, and returned to a shallow correction, with active trading

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